I wouldn’t touch the eight-foot rule with a 10 foot pole.
G. Ometer ‘San Diego moves toward 8-foot zone….’ 2024/03/27

I think public libraries aren’t needed anymore. Waste of taxpayer money, and a corrosive influence on kids and the community. Defund the libraries.
defund libraries ‘Prattville, Alabama purged dirty books…’ 2024/03/28

Years ago we tried to stop children’s access to pornographic images in the children’s section of San Jose “Public” Libraries…. And, the City Council refused to even vote on that very minimal protection of children.
anonymous in San Jose ‘Prattville, Alabama purged dirty books…’ 2024/03/28

Without libraries, where would school kids go to use computers that are missing from their homes? Where would children go to be fed during the summer when school cafeterias are closed? Without libraries who would teach kids the love of books?
Bob One ‘Prattville, Alabama purged dirty books…’ 2024/03/28

Her opposition to IVF, as correct as that position is, is likely more associated more with anti-birth and anti free market sentiments than protecting the dignity of the human person.
asdf ‘RFK running mate is big Dem donor Nicole Shanahan’ 2024/03/28

Libraries have turned into places of smut. Growing up, I always thought of librarians as sweet old ladies that wanted to help children learn to read. And it was probably true 60+ years ago. Today they are nothing more than left wing radicals.
William Longaker ‘Prattville, Alabama purged dirty books…’ 2024/03/28

1. Kids can use computers at school. Besides, every home has a computer, now, dude.
2. Why do kids need the state to feed them? That’s mom and dad’s responsibility.
3. Parents should teach their kids to read and buy them books.
4. Homework is for home.
the state ‘Prattville, Alabama purged dirty books…’ 2024/03/28

This appointment saddens me as it reminds me of the Kennedy males’ predilection for adultery, at least in the case of the patriarch, Joseph Kennedy Sr., and President John F. Kennedy, and how Catholic priests and theologians convinced the Kennedys that abortion and Catholicism were compatible, thus beginning the Democratic war on unborn babies, beginning in earnest with youngest brother Ted Kennedy.
Daniel Gallup ‘RFK running mate is big Dem donor Nicole Shanahan’ 2024/03/29

A knife of total shock went straight through my heart, seeing Marko “Rapenik’s” art portrayed on the daily, emailed Vatican website, in their March 19th news story about St. Joseph’s Feast Day, also celebrated as Father’s Day, in Italy, and in many other European countries.
Marko “Rapenik” belongs in jail ‘Rupenik art used on St. Joseph feastday and Mother’s Day 2024/03/29

I was a Democrat until Trump came into office. He actually did things that saved lives of the unborn. The only regret I have is that I became infected with an un dying allegiance to a guy I really can’t stand.
Wheels ‘RFK running mate is big Dem donor Nicole Shanahan’ 2024/03/30

I’ll enjoy upsetting the god of trash, which they worship at the Southern Cross, by doing the exact opposite. Happy Easter!
bedwere ‘San Diego diocese urges more Laudato Si behavior’ 2024/03/30

The Cardinal should address how plastic bags contribute to microplastics that turn the general population into trannies through pseudoestrogens
Aloysius ‘San Diego diocese urges more Laudato Si behavior’ 2024/03/30

I wonder if the Cardinal will do zoom meetings instead of flying to Rome for meetings. Less carbon dioxide being omitted by them dirty old jets.
George ‘San Diego diocese urges more Laudato Si behavior’ 2024/03/30

This sums up California: abortion good, cars bad. What loonies.
abortion good, cars bad ‘Newsom ready. to re-stock California with abortion pills’ 2024/04/01

When the Boomers have all died, so will environmentalism.
dead Boomers ‘San Diego diocese urges more Laudato Si behavior’ 2024/03/30

If Catholicism weren’t important and true and influential, they wouldn’t do this sort of thing. Notice they don’t do it to Judaism or Islam or Buddhism or Bahai. Only to Catholicism.
respects ‘Anti-Catholic drag queens….’ 2024/04/02

Mrs. Peterson entered the Church through Confirmation (or Chrismation) and first Eucharist. She had already been baptized into Christ as a child.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘Tammy Peterson baptized Easter weekend’ 2024/04/02

Honey Mahogany, who was raised Catholic (and may still be), is not a Sister.
Sister Roma went to Catholic school. I don’t know if she was or is Catholic.
They are not anti-Catholic.
not anti-Catholic ‘Anti-Catholic drag queens….’ 2024/04/03

Evil is the deprivation of a good. So instead of adoring our Savior and His Mother they are profaning them.
Because to them, they are storybook people.
storybook people ‘Anti-Catholic drag queens….’ 2024/04/03