Just don’t really nail someone to a cross like they do in the Philippines.
Philippines ‘L.A. parishes rich with Passion plays’ 2024/03/20

How long, O Lord, until California bishops speak out about this “Catholic” man’s evil, very public, actions?
Are our bishops deaf or cowardly? ‘Planned Parenthood hires Newsom staffer’ 2024/03/21

“First Partner”? Can we just dispense with all the “First” designations? Starting with First Lady. This is not a titled aristocracy. Enough, already.
South Coast ‘Planned Parenthood hires Newsom staffer’ 2024/03/21

Really good people in Oregon, especially Eastern Oregon. They’ve been burdened by the progressive dystopic ideologues in Salem for some time. With Oregon drug legalization, this little town of Ontario has been suffering terribly. Oregon has become a progressive dystopia and organizations like Stanton give so much hope.
asdf ‘Pro-life mobile clinic a focal point on Oregon-Idaho border’ 2024/03/21

Masses are crowded. Packed with people. I almost guarantee you that you won’t see any Biden or Newsom bumper stickers on cars in the parking lot, unless it’s an out-of-town visitor who doesn’t know what this parish is about.
No Biden bumper stickers ‘Churches worth driving to – St, Peter Chanel’ 2024/03/22

I’m disappointed to see the print of the effeminate “Divine Mercy” Jesus at the left of the altar.
Larry ‘Churches worth driving to – St, Peter Chanel’ 2024/03/22

Effeminate? It is just the Merciful Christ.
Merciful Christ ‘Churches worth driving to – St, Peter Chanel’ 2024/03/22

The commenter means there are two versions of the Divine Mercy image: one that faithfully represents the image described by St. Faustina, in which Jesus is masculine, and a knock-off painting, in which Jesus is definitely less masculine in appearance.
2 Divine Mercy Jesuses ‘Churches worth driving to – St, Peter Chanel’ 2024/03/22

So beauty is not a consideration? The people who designed and approved the brutalist, modernist, ugly sanctuary at Berkeley’s Newman Center created the least inspiring worship space imaginable.
beauty? ‘Paulist priests leave UC Berkeley’ 2024/03/23

Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it is not beautiful to someone else?
How did Jacob make his altar?
Jacob’s altar ‘Paulist priests leave UC Berkeley’ 2024/03/23

It is objectively ugly. Don’t pull any modernist relativist claptrap. Jacob worked with what he had available. The Newman Center had all the history of Christendom and all the technological means of 20th century construction available to it.
next pastor’s priority ‘Paulist priests leave UC Berkeley’ 2024/03/23

The Paulists just re-established a community in the Diocese of San Diego after being gone 20+ years. Two of their priests now minister at St. Gregory parish in Scripps Ranch.
Hagmaier ‘Paulist priests leave UC Berkeley’ 2024/03/23

You cannot serve two masters. You will be told to compromise what you preach or you will be let go.
The DOD despises what you represent. It’s not your father’s military. Bet on it.
Sean ‘U.S. military archdiocese holds retreat at St. Patrick’s Seminary’ 2024/03/24

Easy solution: every California bishop should announce that no Catholic school will enroll students in the 2024-2025 academic year, and the public school system will have to absorb the extra thousands of students.
threat ‘Catholic bishops say school choice is social justice’ 2024/03/24

The California Teachers’ Association is a huge racket. I’m relatively neutral on unions, but the CTA seems to really only concern itself with doing the work of Satan.
Aloysius ‘Catholic bishops say school choice is social justice’ 2024/03/24

If Francis can destroy the legacy of Benedict, then a new pope can undo the damage and restore Benedict’s legacy.
Daniel Gallup ‘Paulist priests leave UC Berkeley’ 2024/03/24

Even the commenters at the National Catholic Register are aware that these NGOs are using 1619-style guilt history and ethnic loyalty to facilitate the invasion of the United States. Sorry your Eminence, but I’m pretty sure a bunch of 20-something year-old Salvadoran Pentecostals and Afghan Muslims with shady connections to drug dealers aren’t doing anything to evangelize the United States.
Aloysius ‘Cardinal McElroy joins statement against Texas attorney general 2024/03/26

Shame on the Cardinal and on the diocese. The pic that was chosen to headline the article in the diocesan newspaper dates from March 2021. The masks are a dead giveaway that the pic is quite old.
misleading photo ‘Cardinal McElroy joins statement against Texas attorney general 2024/03/26

We’ve seen what has happened in other “Sanctuary Cities” for a selected group of people. The people who want Sanctuary are given a bit of special status for awhile and then the population grows tired of the elite statues of the sanctuary seekers and comes to understand that they have been forced to subsidize the newcomers.
Fr. John Higgins ‘Sacramento – sanctuary city for trannies?’ 2024/03/26

Definitely disagree with His Eminence on the gang crackdown. Even the current Archbishop of San Salvador supports Bukele’s actions. Many Salvadoran Catholics are relieved!
Aloysius ‘Cardinal Rosa Chavez visits L.A….’ 2024/03/26

The priest there, as well as the rest of the staff there embody the true Ethos of Vatican II, and not a false spirit of Vatican II. I highly recommend their Spiritual Exercises program, which is free and can now be done remotely.
James Sheridan ‘Churches worth driving to – St, Peter Chanel’ 2024/03/26

I want what I want when I want it and I don’t want what I don’t want when I don’t want it. Why do you care about how many suffer as a result of my choices? All that matters is what I want. These children going down the drain are quite young and burdensome.
E. Gosintrik ‘The uncomfortable truth about in vitro fertilization’ 2024/03/27