Gays think that love means gay marriage and gay sex. I’m sorry, but the Archbishop has to be more specific and exclusionary when he says that God is love. It’s true, but in this day and age of “Love is love” and “Love wins,” you have to be more specific and exclude the gay stuff from love.
Love is love ‘AB Gomez: ‘Our God is called love” 2024/03/13

“Madison: “Why would someone in their right mind create math?” As a retired math instructor, I take particular offence here. Mathematical principles were discovered. Only the symbols were created to communicate the substance of the mathematical laws.
Daniel Gallup ‘Madison at Citrus college prefers science over religion’ 2024/03/14

And published on Pi Day. Is there no end?
Pi Day ‘Madison at Citrus college prefers science over religion’ 2024/03/14

I was a part of the synodal gathering at UC Irvine. These words and a whole lot more were stated during the discussions. For example, we wanted a greater missionary presence in our country and around the world….
UCI Catholic ‘UC Irvine students talk synodally’ 2024/03/14

Yes, the Paulists are no longer here at UCI. They were replaced by the Jesuits, who then left last year. Now, the UCI Catholic program (Anteater Catholic) is staffed by a diocesan priest (Fr Ben Tran) who inspires us and is on fire for the faith.
UCI Catholic ‘UC Irvine students talk synodally’ 2024/03/14

Like Benedict, and like Francis, you and I will die, and these brilliant young who love “their backwards Mass” will take your place. And we will have no say, no voice, no opinion as to what the future church will look like then.
A little off ‘UC Irvine students talk synodally’ 2024/03/15

200+ abortions on campus? Apart from the great Catholic psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty, does anything good come out of the University of California?
U. of California ‘427 chemical abortions…’ 2024/03/17

Would the author rather have people go watch KungFu Panda 4 or Dune2 ? Because that is what they are implying with reviews that lack perspective. One can tell a quality story about a Catholic without it being a “Catholic movie”. One can teach religious truth without invoking religion.
A Worth ‘Carini – a non-Catholic movie’ 2024/03/18

Card McElroy’s assault on revealed truth brings to mind Revelations 12:12: “The devil has come down to you in great wrath for he knows his time is short.”
Drewelow ‘What Cardinal McElroy really wants’ 2024/03/18

Please remember that it was Archbishop Gomez who allowed Cardinal McElroy to speak these things at the LA Religious Education Congress heresyfest. Note, too, that Archbishop Gomez did not issue any statement of disagreement nor objection.
under Gomez’s watch ‘What Cardinal McElroy really wants’ 2024/03/18

We know what McElroy is all about, and just what he means when he speaks. Is there anyone who doesn’t understand why the Pope ignored the two Archdioceses in California, one of which is the largest in the USA, only to appoint the Bishop of the relatively small Diocese of San Diego as California’s only Cardinal?
Xavier ‘What Cardinal McElroy really wants’ 2024/03/18

Yes. I think the Cardinal would have a conversation with Larry Chapp and anyone who needed help understanding. Catholic theology is too difficult for most Catholics to understand.
McElroy’s speech ‘What Cardinal McElroy really wants’ 2024/03/18

Great that the legacy of liturgical abuse is closer to an end at Berkeley. I might have heard some very weird things about the Paulists’ 32-year reign at UCSD, but I don’t know if anyone has any corroborating accounts. It’s certain though that the Paulists are per capita worse than the Jesuits.
Aloysius ‘Paulist priests leave Berkeley’ 2024/03/19

It’s embarrassing that they invoke the Holy Spirit as inspiring them instead of squarely facing the brute fact of their total collapse and failure as a religious society. Bye, Bye, Boomers.
Boomers ‘Paulist priests leave Berkeley’ 2024/03/19

Now there’s a big mess to clean up, starting with the spectacularly ugly church. Look at a picture here:
An uglier church I’ve never seen. I think it looks like something Klingons would use, not Catholics.
Klingons ‘Paulist priests leave Berkeley’ 2024/03/19

I think you owe us an apology. Looks more Romulan or Federation to me.
Kahless ‘Paulist priests leave Berkeley’ 2024/03/20

Regarding the “Klingons”. I agree. Perhaps their goal was to drive people away from the Church so they could spend more time doing “important stuff”.
Fr. John Higgins ‘Paulist priests leave Berkeley’ 2024/03/20