Would a civilian counseling officials charged with the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1793 or Nuremberg Laws of 1935 also constitute “harassment?
Paul Stanley Bergeron ‘San Diego City Attorney uses Alabama to prosecute sidewalk counselors’ 2024/03/01

Her daughter and others being abused were children, not 53-year-olds. She is exposing evil deeds done in darkness. Those perpetuating such want to keep it secret, not for the sake (only) of patient confidentiality, but so that their deeds aren’t known.
Protect the Vulnerable ‘Davis mom goes undercover with Kaiser…’ 2024/03/01

Since Fr. Illo speaks Latin, he surely knows what “non sequitur” means and can recognize your post as an example of such.
non sequitur ‘Churches worth driving to – Corpus Christi…’ 2024/03/01

I skimmed it. A whopping 27 people attended, nobody under 50. Blah, blah, blah they droned on and on and on. They were in agreement about complaining that people don’t care about the synod.
Skimmed ‘Women academics to discuss synodality’ 2024/03/02

The day that happens will be Christmas day for human traffickers of every stripe. The descent into hell progressive ideology holds in store for the most vulnerable knows no bottom….such a demonic paradox…CS Lewis couldn’t have dreamed up something like this.
asdf ‘Walgreens and CVS to start selling abortion pill’ 2024/03/03

Is that dress a new way to display the gay pride flag colors?
Gay colors ‘How to make tough things beautiful’ 2024/03/03

My comment (as a retired teacher who has supervised almost two dozen proms at a Catholic high school) is that the neckline is a little much – or rather not very much. The old nuns would be standing by with large shawl.
Tom Byrne ‘How to make tough things beautiful’ 2024/03/03

Well, that’s to be expected of a movie whose trailers kept advertising the fact it would come out on “International Women’s Day.” Sigh and sigh again.
Aloysius ‘Cabrini – a non-Catholic movie’ 2024/03/05

The Devil has used motion pictures to lure people to him since the beginning of the genre.
By your logic, “The Last Temptation of Christ” was just peachy because the main character was named “Jesus”.
Frank Delara ‘Cabrini – a non-Catholic movie’ 2024/03/06