I think the prevalence of homophobia is being exaggerated by flag wavers.
Sherlock Holmes ‘Pacific Palisades lifeguard….’ 2024/06/05

Satire gets more difficult when reality seems like satire. A Chicago Democrat is facing criticism after saying she will no longer share crime alerts because it creates a negative “perception” of marginalized communities. Ostriches are smarter.
news or the Babylon Bee? ‘Carlsbad orders police and fire chaplains to stop praying in Jesus’ name’ 2024/06/05

Profreading gohs a lang wey.
Proofreading ‘Abortionists claim persecution…’ 2024/06/07

Generalizations about nationalities are not usually helpful.
Except everyone knows Italians make the best food.
Leonardo di Pasta ‘Churches worth driving to – Christ the King, Cedar City, Utah 2024/06/07

Leonardo di Pasta, if this comment does not make the upcoming top comments of the week thread, I’ll give you the name of my attorney. He’ll work pro-bono on this.
Daniel Gallup ‘Churches worth driving to – Christ the King, Cedar City, Utah 2024/06/08

Contraception and Abortion….less brown people….IVF….more white people…pay not attention to that man behind the curtain.
asdf ‘Gavin Newsom – contraception’s hero’ 2024/06/08

I love the Bishop Sheen response to someone who said he didn’t believe in hell: “You will, when you get there”.
Peggy ‘Gavin Newsom – contraception’s hero’ 2024/06/08

Scumbag looks different. Body Double? Did the vax get the original Newsom?
Dr. Watson, I presume. ‘Gavin Newsom – contraception’s hero’ 2024/06/08

If, in a protracted conflict, your ideological enemy contracepts, aborts, and self-neuters, and you don’t, well, the future can’t be all that bleak, now can it.
Hymie ‘Gavin Newsom – contraception’s hero’ 2024/06/09

I had a bad case of temecula one time. It lasted for a week that afternoon I was in Fresno.
Mo Desto ‘Temecula school board faces recall’ 2024/06/09

Brother Sun, Sister Water, Uncle Moon, Cousin Air, Auntie Plastic. This is thought-provoking material for the new Green deists who have completely lost the plot.
Solstice ‘Cardinal McElroy not embarrassed by these columns?’ 2024/06/10

No doubt inspired by Cousin Cannabis.
Hymie ‘Cardinal McElroy not embarrassed by these columns?’ 2024/06/10

Look on the bright side. At least it’s not an article about pride.
the bright side ‘Cardinal McElroy not embarrassed by these columns?’ 2024/06/10

Unfortunately for the author of this article the Scripps projections are way off. The Earth thrives in warmer temperatures- forests spread, agriculture is more productive, fewer heat related deaths etc… (cold kills far more people than a 1.5C increase in average temps)
Climate Agnostic ‘Cardinal McElroy not embarrassed by these columns?’ 2024/06/11

Nobody talks about the silent “P” in LGBTQIA. There is most definitely a silent “P” in the letter sequence. The “P” stands for “pedophilia”. It’s silent because the LGBTQIA degenerates realize that even though Americans have largely capitulated to the LGBTQIAgenda, they are not willing to accept the “P — not yet, anyway.
the silent P ‘Listen to the ex-gays’ 2024/06/11

In the interests of justice I have always felt that we in Ramona should be allowed a “Hemet” festival. Something along the lines of the Doodah Patade. (Escondido, down the hill, has Felicita, but all we got was the name as a realty ploy.)
SouthCoast ‘Ramona in Hemet – a crypto Catholic play’ 2024/06/12

It’s Bishop Stowe who should resign and become a hermit.
bedwere ‘Oakland Camaldolese nun…’ 2024/06/12

Did I stumble on to the Babylon Bee website or am I having a nightmare?
Marana tha!
just another Joe in the pew ‘Oakland Camaldolese nun…’ 2024/06/12