It seems to me that the only ministry “Sister Laurel” should have is telling everyone not to mutilate their bodies in the way she did hers.
Anne TE ‘Oakland Camaldolese nun and hermit warned Bishop Stowe…” 2024/06/13

First, is that not Roger the Dodger in the red cap blurred out in the background? Second, the largest Archdiocese in the US has only 11 newly ordained priests. That is not something to be proud about.
Xavier ‘L.A.ordains 11…’ 2024/06/13

Bishop Stowe was quick to condemn Nick Sandmann before all the facts were known and to my knowledge has never apologized to the young man.
Daniel Gallup ‘Oakland Camaldolese nun and hermit warned Bishop Stowe…” 2024/06/13

I’m unpleasantly surprised and angered by some who flee California to nice places like Tennessee, Idaho, Texas or Florida and then want to (by their voting) turn them into disasters like California. We left California for many reasons. We like living in a place where churches are thriving, people are friendly (helpful and competent), and people know which restroom to use.
fled to a free state ‘The disaster that is California’ 2024/06/13

Let’s be aware that Spiked magazine – “Spiked emerged from Living Marxism, the magazine of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP). Living Marxism was founded in 1988 and rebranded as LM in 1999.” The organization is very Libertarian, sometimes rightwing and sometimes leftwing.
Just Saying ‘The disaster that is California’ 2024/06/14

The author (Joel Kotkin) is a professional demographer and self-described “Truman Democrat”, who can’t stand either Trump or Biden. I’ve read him for twenty years (in print and online, in many platforms) and he’s no libertarian either.
Tom Byrne ‘The disaster that is California’ 2024/06/14

Also inconceivable that a “devout Catholic” would promote abortion until birth nationwide, same-sex marriage, and males in girls’ and women’s locker rooms and sports. And, that Catholic bishops would remain silent about it.
The Baptists came out publicly against IVF. And, they’re still the largest Protestant denomination in the country. No demise yet.
Weave Two ‘Trump reassures Southern Baptists’ 2024/06/14

I used to think it was my imagination, but this article confirms it wasn’t. A few years ago I noticed the real estate section of The Wall Street Journal was increasingly beginning to resemble some sort of homosexual lifestyle publication.
Wall Street Journal changed ‘WSJ writer questions paper’s happy gays’ 2024/06/15

Our society suffers from overexposure to gay. I’m not gay, but I hate being exposed to secondhand gay.
secondhand gay ‘WSJ writer questions paper’s happy gays’ 2024/06/15

What an absolute mess. Zalkin’s legal team representing plaintiffs is now going after all the parishes due to the Diocese’s skulduggery in reallocating funds. To make matters even worse, the SD diocese is also facing a lawsuit by its own insurance company for a violation of terms. Good God.
Solstice ‘San Diego diocese to file Chapter 11’ 2024/06/16

How can San Diegans not be embarrassed that this man is their church leader? You stay salty, San Diego
salty ‘San Diego diocese to file Chapter 11’ 2024/06/16

Yah, but the SD diocese has installed a lot of solar panels.
Ol’ Sparky ‘San Diego diocese to file Chapter 11’ 2024/06/16

Though I’m angry with many of our bishops and clergy for what they have done to our Church, I despise ambulance-chaser Irwin Zalkin and his cronies for getting fat from our pain.
Solstice ‘San Diego diocese to file Chapter 11’ 2024/06/16

It is good to know that a priest active among the poor and destitute of Central America still cared about them without giving into the status quo of Marxist revolutionary thought among other missionaries there.
Aloysius ‘AB Cordileone on Father Rother’ 2024/06/17

At my entrance into the Church (March 25, 1978) I was so elevated in spirit I was two weeks bathed in blessing. It was like nothing before and was simply the effects of the sacraments. In August 1979 after Saturday night vespers I received a foretaste of heaven while staying with the Trappists in Oregon.
Daniel Gallup ‘Roman and Isaac at Cal State San Bernardino’ 2024/06/17

I had a beautiful dream one night, of my heart uplifted to God, and a large, beautiful gold chalice at Mass, spontaneously uplifted over my heart, continuously pouring God’s Divine Love into my heart, like the red, holy, but unearthly Divine Blood of Christ. I was suddenly totally full of God’s beautiful, extremely joyful, unearthly, holy Divine Love.
Pray for the grace to know God– He will answer you ‘Roman and Isaac at Cal State San Bernardino’ 2024/06/17

I have first-hand experience with this, and the kind principal allowed my daughter to join her class at the graduation. The graduation gown covered all, so no one was aware. My wonderful daughter went on to graduate from university and her daughter and my grand-daughter, the ones you would shun and shame, graduated from university with distinction….
Unplanned Pregnancy ‘Churches – Mary, Star of the Sea, San Pedro’ 2024/06/17

If it weren’t bad enough, Kevin Eckery, SD diocesan media director, imprudently told reporters that claims could cost the diocese $500 million. Apparently this infuriated the diocese’s insurance provider, Catholic Mutual Relief, who responded that Eckery’s statement “effectively placed an unreasonable baseline on the value on the potential settlement value of the claims”.
Solstice ‘San Diego diocese to file Chapter 11’ 2024/06/18

Did I get the headline right, she’s a theologian and professor at LMU, Loving Myself Unconditionally? Did she used to teach at University of Self Fulfillment, USF, or was it University of Sexual Diversity, USD?…
Jesuit Education Survivor ‘LMU prof argues for self-love…’ 2024/06/18