“Our adversaries are both wicked and ridiculous…” When I look at Admiral Levine I see ridiculous, a man pretending to be a woman. This egregious denial of reality is joined to the more awful denial of reality in abortion advocacy.
Daniel Gallup ‘California’s Life Legal trounces…’ 2024/01/06

“Admiral Rachel Levine” ……. BWAAAAAAAA !!!! Where do I jump ship?
Frank Delara ‘California’s Life Legal trounces…’ 2024/01/06

Perpetual adoration is overblown. Some people think it’s a silver bullet.
silver bullet ‘Churches… St. Paul’s Nampa, Idaho’ 2024/01/06

Specially designated or perpetual adoration isn’t necessary. Just go to any Catholic church and pray in the nave or the chapel or reservation during open hours.
pray in the nave ‘Churches… St. Paul’s Nampa, Idaho’ 2024/01/06

This shows the graciousness and generosity of McElroy vis-a-vis his priests who are slower in aligning in faith with this particular teaching.
jon ‘McElroy won’t give priests texts’ 2024/01/08

Priests might be slow to apply FS because of the ambiguity and/or unintended consequences of FS, and are simply applying prudent caution.
Daniel Gallup ‘McElroy won’t give priests texts’ 2024/01/09

This is the mentality that says: “I want a baby and I have a right to do with it whatever I please, including disposing of the ones I don’t want”. Very entitled, very sad.
Joyce ‘CHA Fertility Clinic in L.A. mixes up embryos’ 2024/01/08

I am so sorry: we mixed up your order for a pepperoni pizza for one with anchovies. Let me exchange the pizzas right away.
bedwere ‘CHA Fertility Clinic in L.A. mixes up embryos’ 2024/01/08

What will happen after the Archdiocese of San Diego faces the inevitable law suit against a priest who refuses to perform said blessings?
Omar Goddknowe ‘McElroy won’t give priests texts’ 2024/01/08

Rumor was that Dr. Senior made a point to steal a book from the vast KU library that he had authored during his time as a ‘seeker’. He published ‘The Way Down and Out: The Occult in Symbolist Literature’ in 1959, and it entered the American University librarians’ systems in many universities. To his chagrin, I heard, it would be replaced and he would have to re-steal it to protect any students from being intrigued by the paths he had rejected on his way to conversion.
david drewelow ‘Bishop Conley tells of conversion…’ 2024/01/08

In reply to Tucho’s second shameful erotic book.
The cardinal noted that he canceled the sexually themed book shortly after its publication and “never allowed it to be reprinted.” He added that he wrote it for young couples “who wanted to better understand the spiritual meaning of their relationships” but then realized it “could be misinterpreted.”
Misinterpreted ‘Pope deplores surrogate motherhood’ 2024/01/08

In reply to Tucho’s second shameful erotic book.
This story will turn out to be another dud, a “nothing burger”, just like the previous manufactured “controversy” about the other book (“Heal Me”) turned out to be: a dud.
jon ‘Pope deplores surrogate motherhood’ 2024/01/09

Poor Fernandez, so misunderstood. Which cardinal hasn’t been a little naughty in his youth? Maybe written a pornographic book or two? We are lucky that Playboy didn’t take him from us.
bedwere ‘Pope deplores surrogate motherhood’ 2024/01/09

Victor Fernandez, age 35, publishes a book he wrote about kissing and giving hickeys.. The content is quite erotic and at times suggestive of violence against women. Then, at age 37, he publishes a second book, even more lurid and lascivious. These were not youthful indiscretions. They did not occur before his ordination. The man was certainly old enough to know what he was doing and to anticipate the consequences of these publications. He was already a Catholic priest.
cg ‘Pope deplores surrogate motherhood’ 2024/01/09

I wouldn’t want to have the baby in my slice. That’s like drawing the short straw.
don’t want the baby ‘Three Kings bread hot item…’ 2024/01/09

Biden in Bethlehem? At least the other baby-murderer Herod had the decency of staying away.
bedwere ‘Restoring Roe is Biden’s top priority’ 2024/01/10

The youth, like me (I am a current student at a UC), however, seek adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Just look at conferences like SEEK which was last week. Many marvelous things have happened in adoration, and many hearts have been converted by being face to face with Christ Himself.
The youth love it ‘Churches… St. Paul’s Nampa, Idaho’ 2024/01/011