I’ve seen XLT adoration and think it’s misguided. Many “youth” wouldn’t participate much nor for very long in adoration without the soft rock entertainment that goes along with XLT. That’s not adoration, it’s a P&W concert under the guise of adoration, and it’s very emotionally manipulative.
XLT adoration ‘Churches worth driving to St. Paul’s Nampa ID’ 2024/01/12

Does that Catholic school not require kids to wear uniforms instead of pajamas?
pajamas ‘7.5 million put into St. Rita’s’ 2024/01/12

San Francisco is unsafe and unclean. I will never visit that city again. Why not march someplace safer? What’s so important about San Francisco that the march has to be there? Besides the dirtiness, there’s also a lack of adequate parking. How about marching in San Luis Obispo? Nice central location, safe town, pretty area.
Why San Francisco? ‘Walk for Life West Coast 10 days away’ 2024/01/12

In times past I recall going up to North Hollywood to hear the choir of Paul Salamunovich at St. Charles Borromeo. Of special note: he ended Mass with glorious choral works that truly captivated parishioners.
Daniel Gallup ‘Montana teenager nerd out…’ 2024/01/12

Behind the scenes Desi Arnaz Sr. was having an affair on Lucille Ball. Things are not as innocent as they seem, but thank God, the movie was kept decent.
Anne TE ‘Pope deplores surrogate motherhood’ 2024/01/12

They have Mass videos online, easy to find on youtube. So no need to drive. You’ll have to decide whether it’s a church worth watching online. New feature category?
Mass videos ‘Churches worth driving to – St. Raymond, Menlo Park’ 2024/01/12

Just another day in the life at Lucifer’s Modernist University LMU.
LMU ‘Loyola Marymount promotes its abortion-promoting professor’ 2024/01/13

Jessica Levinson: “Are babies in the womb entitled to the full protection of the law?” Help us understand.
JCL ‘Loyola Marymount promotes its abortion-promoting professor’ 2024/01/13

Give me a well-serviced Hammond B3 with a Leslie 122 any day.
Jimmy Smith ‘Montana teenager nerds out…’ 2024/01/13

For those who might not know– the Hammond organ is not a pipe organ. It is an electric organ, used often in Gospel and pop music. The Hazel Wright organ, in Christ Cathedral, is one of the largest pipe organs in the world. It is very famous.
Difference between electric, pipe organs ‘Montana teenager nerds out…’ 2024/01/14

The late 90s were bad all over.
late 90s ‘Churches worth driving to – St. Raymond, Menlo Park’ 2024/01/12

SCU = Selectively Catholic University?
Look at Governor Newsom.
does “Catholic” mean anything anymore in our culture? ‘Santa Clara University’s connection with Planned Parenthood’ 2024/01/14

Incredible how these guys spontaneously appeared at Martin’s residence with a New York Times reporter and photographer the morning after the Vatican’s declaration.
Even there to catch them all hugging after the ceremony (or non-ceremony). Awww.
Incredible ‘Fr. Illo: ‘I think it’s a ruse’ 2024/01/15

Who downvoted that excellent, rational, clear explanation? Fr. James Martin, do you lurk here?
Who? ‘Fr. Illo: ‘I think it’s a ruse’ 2024/01/15

Archbishop Cordileone needs to have a little talk with Father Illo.
I love them both.
There are things a faithful Catholic priest should never say.
I hope he reads the comments and realizes how he is supporting cafeteria Catholicism.
cafeteria ‘Fr. Illo: ‘I think it’s a ruse’ 2024/01/15

No man would dress in drag unless he wanted to be a woman, with the exception of doing so for hysterical, comedic effect, as in “The Bird Cage” or “Tootsie”. Drag has morphed from being obviously outrageous comedy to a sexual perversion.
morphed ‘Fr. Illo: ‘I think it’s a ruse’ 2024/01/18