“They could have celebrated a Novus Ordo Mass…..”….The nose of the FBI camel is in the tent…once one rite is banned, nothing protects the others….
Paul BergeronAmerica Magazine scolds Latin Mass goers’ 2024/02/09

Yes, Anne. Franco was fighting Communism as part of an ongoing struggle from the 19th century. He often made retreats at a Benedictine monastery in Samos, outside Lugo, and important stop on the Camino
Drewelow ‘Ortega regime tightens noose on Catholics’ 2024/02/09

I’ve been there while on vacation. This would be a difficult city to be a Catholic in.
difficult city ‘Churches worth driving to – St. Joseph, Crescent City’ 2024/02/09

I agree with Bishop Strickland when he says the Father Martin is right in his criticism of the diocesan practices to overlook the sins of heterosexuals.
Martin-Strickland agreement ‘McElroy and Wester demand… cease-fire’ 2024/02/09

I’ve lived without a cell phone since last April, after it inadvertently went through a tree chipper during post-storm yard cleanup.
MrBill ‘Fr. Illo on how to shake cel phone addiction’ 2024/02/10

I have never liked beards. I would prefer that Harrison Butkern – and Bishop Strickland, too – shave off their beards. But I love and appreciate all the rest of everything that these two do….
…(etc.) ‘Meet the 49ers Catholic chaplain’ 2024/02/10

The first instance of gay in the game, commentary, or a commercial, I’m turning it off.
on the lookout‘Meet the 49ers Catholic chaplain’ 2024/02/11

One of the best comments on the subject from a Catholic perspective:
`“Religion can no more exclude from the soul what belongs to the psyche than psychology can exclude from the psyche what traditionally is ascribed to the soul. (Fr. Victor White, O.P.)”
tripartite ‘What Catholics hould think about psychology’ 2024/02/11

Well, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Superbowl. I bet Harrison Butker will wear his special pro life tie and Precious Feet lapel pin, for another White House visit.
KC Chiefs won Superbowl ‘Meet the 49ers Catholic chaplain’ 2024/02/11

Don’t trust a psychologist who doesn’t think homosexuality or gender confusion are disorders.
trust ‘What Catholics should think about psychology’ 2024/02/12

If the Founding Fathers had a crystal ball to see America in 2024, they might have decided to remain British subjects.
crystal ball ‘Leeyana at Mt San Antonio College’ 2024/02/12

Do not get medical advice from the same source that gives you cat videos.
cat videos ‘What Catholics should think about psychology’ 2024/02/13

This is like Stalin and Hitler competing in genocide.
Protect children and women. ‘Dems Salas and Hurtado’ 2024/02/14

This is okay, but such a minor thing. The bishops should really turn their attention to ridding Mass of almost all OCP and GIA contemporary music. Get rid of the schlocky music at Mass.
Scholcky music ‘Stockton and Oakland return to kneeling after Agnus Dei’ 2024/02/15

Another questionable practice promoted by Cardinal Mahony goes by the wayside. Good riddance.
Greg the Geologist ‘Stockton and Oakland return to kneeling after Agnus Dei’ 2024/02/15

Great. A “pro-life” abortion promoter and a cardinal with erotic art in his cathedral. Who’s sceptical of their commitment to Catholic Faith?
Herman U. Tic O’Suspishun ‘Pontifical Academy of Life answers pro-life critics’ 2024/02/15

And when we finally get all this stuff straightened out, how about no more changes, for 800 or so years?
Changeless ‘Stockton and Oakland return to kneeling after Agnus Dei’ 2024/02/15