Ironically, the instructions in the OCP missalettes in the pews have always said “kneel” at this point in the Mass. I have random missalettes going back to 2009. All of them give the same “kneel” instruction after the Agnus Dei. This has never changed in the Oakland Diocese. But in the City of Alameda where I live, many people have remained standing for years, even after communion.
Carrie ‘Stockton and Oakland return to kneeling after Agnus Dei’ 2024/02/23

Basically a synod about the synod about synodality. It would be laughable if it weren’t depraved.
Bedwere ‘Women academics discuss synodality’ 2024/02/24

Maybe Cal Catholic could convene a synod about the synod about the synod about synodality. How much damage can they do if they just keep talking?
Yada Yada ‘Women academics discuss synodality’ 2024/02/24

Q Are we insecure?
A Maybe…probably…but what does that have to do with the question at hand?
Q Are we mean?
A Who is ‘we’? And does disagreement = mean?
asdf ‘Women academics discuss synodality’ 2024/02/26

When will California bishops address this man’s very public behavior?
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘Newsom beams pro-abortion ads’ 2024/02/26

The room only holds 100 people. I don’t think they are expecting much interest.
(Like all thing Synod.)
100 people ‘Women academics discuss synodality’ 2024/02/26

It’s people like this who should be appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Life. Let us pray that soon he might be nominated to the Supreme Court
Drewelow ‘Judge Parker sounds like a good Catholic’ 2024/02/27

Ban OCP and GIA hymnals from the pews, and ban their music from Mass.
ban OCP-GIA ‘Fr. Mark Goring scandalized by U.S. bishops’ 2024/02/28

“When will California bishops address this man’s very public behavior?” How many of our bishops joined B. Strickland at Dodger Stadium? More importantly, how did Pope Francis treat baby-killers Biden and Pelosi when they visited Rome? I think our bishops are taking their signals from Francis….
Daniel Gallup ‘Newsom beams pro-abortion ads’ 2024/02/28

….If I ask a woman to marry me and she says no, that’s just the same as if she didn’t answer me because I’m not getting what I asked for either way….
what no means ‘Newsom beams pro-abortion ads’ 2024/02/28

If you ask a woman to marry you and she says no, she has done you the biggest favor of your life.
favor ‘Newsom beams pro-abortion ads’ 2024/02/28

Sounds like the Evangelical did all the work.
Evangelical did work ‘The Western Front, 20’ 2024/02/29

Is this another leaked FBI memo? No, no, much too chipper for that.
Hymie ‘The Western Front, 20’ 2024/02/29

Three to six rosaries leading the interference is nothing to shrug off.
Hymie ‘The Western Front, 20’ 2024/02/29