To some folks TLM is same or worse than prots. Sigh – oh for the day of Jack Chick tracts.
thatdirtylittleratnunnheim ‘America magazine scolds Latin Mass goers’ 2024/01/31

If only there were enough of these good sisters to put into all Catholic schools.
Peggy ‘Nashville Dominicans…’ 2024/02/04

Can’t the young men just throw a t-shirt over their bare chests, for the church news photo? Ugh.
Ugh-shirtless ‘Books & Snorkles…’ 2024/02/04

The history of the Catholic Church’s hypocritical and dangerous involvement in the government of Nicaragua is appalling. Look at what happened.
Hypocrisy, danger with Church in Nicaragua ‘Ortega regime tightens noose…’ 2024/02/04

DEI should investigate the lack of diversity in this group.
DEI ‘Books & Snorkles…’ 2024/02/04

I think Fr. Fessio’s interpretation of the parable is strange but at least creative in a modern self-esteem perspective.
Daniel Gallup ‘God is a treasure hunter’ 2024/02/04

Since the Church supports a two-state solution, might these bishops also demand that Hamas and all other organizations and nations recognize the right of Israel to exist? If not, it seems their sense of outrage and justice is selective.
anonymous clergyman ‘McElroy and Wester demand immediate and total cease fire….’ 2024/02/06

Custody of the eyes and modesty are for both men and women. Perhaps less so for women as near occasions for sin. Was and is an issue for me still at 64 yo.
thatdirtylittleratnunnheim ‘Books & Snorkles…’ 2024/02/06

They are in no position to demand anything and are virtue signaling. Nobody cares what they think or “demand”.
Keep fighting ‘McElroy and Wester demand immediate and total cease fire….’ 2024/02/06

Cdl. McElroy is set to retire in just five years, when he turns age 75, on Feb. 5, 2029. And Abp. Wester is set to retire mext year, after he turns age 75 on Nov. 5, 2025. It has always comforted me to know that bad Vatican II-era prelates do have expiration dates….
Expiration date coming soon for these two ‘McElroy and Wester demand immediate and total cease fire….’ 2024/02/06

I was going to go without my phone today and do other things. But then I saw an article on the Texas Right to Life website, about an 8-foot-tall, golden, Satanic-themed, horned, naked female statue, with an ionic collar resembling the judicial attire of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, being sent from a NYC courthouse, to the University of Houston, in Texas– to honor abortion.
No cell phone regimen ‘Fr. Illo on how to shake cel phone addiction’ 2024/02/06pm