I would not invest in the Church if it were a publicly traded company.
Investment ‘Sacramento diocese asks. for Chapter 11 protection’ 2024/04/03

Not every contestant is irreverent. Bound Jesus, Humble Jesus, Jesus who takes the Wheel are examples of non-irreverent costumes.
irreverent ‘Anti-Catholic drag queens…’ 2024/04/03

How would they feel about a Matthew Shepard Barbi on the barbed wire fence contest? Bet it wouldn’t be so hilarious…
asdf ‘Anti-Catholic drag queens…’ 2024/04/03

Democrats always do that. The get the camel’s nose in the tent, and then the whole camel is in there. They did it with gay marriage. (Oh, just civil unions because they want to be able to have hospital visits and inheritance.) Then we got full-blown in your face gay everywhere.
camel’s nose ‘Calif Dems plan to toss euthanasia safeguards’ 2024/04/04

A woman once told me, “Men today do not wish to become priests, presidents, or generals.” Looking at the landscape today, I have to admit she is right. As compared to, say the WWII era, today’s men are just not made from the same stuff.
El Padre ‘Sacramento diocese asks. for Chapter 11 protection’ 2024/04/05

My diocese is sure ramping up efforts to collect from Boomers before they die. The bishop knows that after they die their non-practicing children will inherit the Boomers’ wealth, and then the church won’t get any of it anymore.
Boomer money ‘Tammy Peterson baptized Easter weekend’ 2024/04/07

Even the girls at Franciscan don’t dress like that. They look nice but is it a dress code? And the boys there don’t wear suits.
dress code ‘TAC students pull Holy Saturday all-nighter’ 2024/04/08

UC Irvine is more Catholic than USF, LMU, Santa Clara, and USD. I would hope TAC can pick up the ball.
Jesuit colleges lol ‘Catholic gender studies at University of St. Thomas’ 2024/04/08

I am thankful that the men were not wearing jeans that came down to mid-butt and the women did not have chartreuse hair with a bone through their nose.
Frank Delara ‘TAC students pull Holy Saturday all-nighter’ 2024/04/08

Too bad that the universal Church does not have a common language. Wait a minute! There is actually… never mind.
bedwere ‘San Diego diocese plans multi-lingual Pentecost’ 2024/04/09

In today’s very deeply twisted culture, the story of women accepting, loving and raising a large number of children will make most people’s heads explode.
X. Pandyo Mynde ‘Religious educated women buck the trend’ 2024/04/09

It was a total smackdown of New Ways Ministry and Fr. James Martin, LGBTQSJ. Church doctrine will not change to include transgenderism or homosexuality as moral or good; it cannot.
smackdown ‘American theologians praise Vatican document’ 2024/04/10