I recommend against college. Learn a trade through an apprenticeship. College is a gross waste of money, besides which you don’t receive a good education much anymore anyway. Learn a trade. People with college degrees and saddled with student loan debt will pay you $300 or $400 an hour to fix their cars, heating and AC systems, plumbing, or to do home improvements.
learn a trade ‘Loyola Marymount…Lavender Graduation’ 2024/04/24

At the first whiff of gay in a parish or from a priest or a catechist or musician, or the first hint of softness or ambiguity about church teaching about gay morality, I leave and never return. You cannot trust them. Look at the ruin they have brought already.
back to the truth ‘Church’s capitulation to gayness’ 2024/04/24

No woman has to look like a supermodel to please me. I like women of all shapes and sizes….
Joe Somebody ‘Chloe Cole seeks punitive damages from Kaiser’ 2024/04/24

If the next pope chooses the name Pius XIII, you know he means business.
Pius ‘Church’s capitulation to gayness’ 2024/04/24

Not enough faithful Catholics go to college and educate themselves in the liberal arts. Without good reasoned Catholic voices, no one will stop the progressive encroachment on our youth and our culture
go to college ‘Loyola Marymount…Lavender Graduation’ 2024/04/24

Of course, the executive in charge of the CCC is happy to be paid over $200k a year for accomplishing nothing. She’s not going to admit she has a worthless, pointless, wasteful, expendable job because it’s her bread and butter.
Worthless ‘Newsom to push licenses for AZ abortionists’ 2024/04/25

I wish my parish would experiment with an AI organist and cantor to lead good music at Mass. It’s bound to be better than what we have to listen to at every Mass right now. Either that or hand out earplugs at the entrance to the church.
An AI organist ‘Catholic Answers de-frocks their AI priest’ 2024/04/27

I guess that if you’re going to go with a bad idea, it might as well be a reeeally bad idea.
SouthCoast ‘Catholic Answers de-frocks their AI priest’ 2024/04/27

As a California Catholic, I have no objection to Dylan going TO St. Louis. I object to his/her returning FROM St. Louis.
DON’T Meet Me in St. Louie ‘La Jolla’s Dylan Mulvaney…’ 2024/04/27

I actually think a case can be made that Fr. James Martin is the most powerful man in the American church. Not that that’s a good thing. I don’t think Fr. Andrew Greeley lived long enough to experience the rise of James Martin.
Most powerful man in U. S. church ‘We are far closer together…’ 2024/04/28

Gavin Iscariot
James ‘Psaki and News conduct love fest…’ 2024/04/29

Yeah, Jerry Brown’s looking better every day…in retrospect.
Jerry Brown looking better ‘Psaki and News conduct love fest…’ 2024/04/29

“Gather us in, the gay and the lesbo
Gather us in, the trans and the bi
Give us a church where we can feel welcome
Give us a Mass full of rainbow delights.”
another Gather Us In ‘Church’s capitulation to gayness’ 2024/04/30