The document released reminded me a lot of the writings of St. John Henry Newman, hopefully soon to be Doctor of the Church. There are many unclear and maybe even inconsistent writings from the current Francis administration, but this one unequivocally disperses with the idea of the Church as the progressive bulwark….
Newman ‘American theologians praise Vatican document’ 2024/04/10

Why are so many pretty young ladies standing idle? Why don’t the men ask them to dance?
ask them to dance ‘TAC students pull Holy Saturday all-nighter’ 2024/04/10

I see 6 men and 20 women not dancing.
not dancing ‘TAC students pull Holy Saturday all-nighter’ 2024/04/10

I wouldn’t want PETA harassing me outside Carl’s Jr. when I want to go in and get a burger.

Face it, America is majority pro-abortion. Strongly majority pro-abortion. That’s just the way it is.
backlash ‘The Western Front’ 2024/04/13

Thanks to the revival of the 1864 abortion prohibition in Arizona, that state is going to flip from red to blue this election season. Prolifers are in a tight spot.
doomed ‘The Western Front’ 2024/04/13

My advice is to not harm any human unless it’s the regrettable situation of defending yourself or others from imminent danger of death.
Fr. John Higgins ‘The Western Front’ 2024/04/13

The Pastor of our parish admitted from the pulpit that most of the parish members do not like multi language Masses. Yet, we continue to have trilingual Masses on Holy Days which result in people not attending those Masses.
Xavier ‘San Diego diocese plans multi-lingual Pentecost’ 2024/04/14

“Annuntio vobis gaudium mangnam!
Habemus Papam!
Sancte Romanae Ecclesiam…
(Well, I can dream, can’t I?)
a dream ‘Cardinal Sarah ready for next synod’ 2024/04/14

….According to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, Nigeria alone has roughly the same number of regularly practicing Catholics as all of western Europe.
Saint Mark, Apostle of Africa, pray for us.
anonymous clergyman ‘Cardinal Sarah ready for next synod’ 2024/04/14

Deacon Anderson, the sign of the cross at Mass is done rather quickly and for there to be a meditation along the lines of Sts. Chrysostom and Athanasius one needs time to ponder the infinite mercy of Jesus….
Daniel Gallup ‘Archbishop Gomez on the Sign of the Cross’ 2024/04/15

If Catholic churches canceled all sacramental prep and faith formation for children, the end result would probably be the same…
sacramental prep ‘Juan at Cal Poly Pomona 2024/04/15

I wish Juan would apply his analysis of order in the universe to order in the moral realm.
Daniel Gallup ‘Juan at Cal Poly Pomona 2024/04/15

Ah…the race to the bottom…every few years they redefine where the bottom is…pretty good allegory for Hell…who knew progressives were such good theologians?
asdf ‘Democrats kill anti-street walking bill 2024/04/16

Democrats have ruined legitimate businesses.
They HAVE to do SOMETHING to stimulate the economy.
Miss Behavin ‘Democrats kill anti-street walking bill 2024/04/16