The following comes from a June 5 story in Catholic San Francisco.

The tower at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Belmont was condemned and razed in an unexpected series of events sparked when the pastor noted what appeared to be dry rot near the base.

It turned out the 60-foot tower, built in 1958, was corroded by a combination of dry rot and termites, necessitating emergency demolition June 1, the day after the tower was condemned.

Father Steve Howell, pastor, said he “saw some dark marks around the bottom part of the tower” and decided to go through the tower and check it. He called in archdiocesan director of construction Steve Kalpakoff, who recommended city inspection. The city said the tower could fall over at any time, Father Howell said….

The finding came on the Friday morning of eighth grade graduation, planned for the church. Cooperation by all successfully set up the Mass and graduation at the school gym the night of May 31. On June 1, Bach Construction demolished the tower, cutting it into four big pieces and removing them one at a time by crane, Kalpakoff said.

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