yYGvXQnVVCttgkqufFG-fhI-AdzZi9-uQPNH1PpL_sGYjSMYPC1o97_OnMiw6cpTqRynwb_0nfoQPYIpxg57ojwAiX5UJZmTEeWAFl-0MjHyY2l4=s0-d-e1-ftThe following comes from a July 15 email from the Survivors, a Southern California pro-life group.

The blood of aborted babies cries from the ground.  The cries of injustice reach the ears of God.  What does the Lord require of you?  To rescue those being led away to death! (Proverbs 24:11a)

This year’s International Pro-life Youth Conference is dedicated to you, the young person looking for direction and answers for the injustice you see in the world around you; dedicated to those who hurt inside and cry for the babies killed in their mother’s womb; dedicated to those who want to do more than just be pro-life.

Where should you go?


You are blessed with the gift of youthfulness – a gift that does not last forever. A gift that becomes special only when it is used for the glory of God and the plans He has for you to fulfill.

This is why the conference is such a special event.  We will train you so you are ready to respond when you hear:

The desperate cries of young women who find themselves pregnant

The angry parent, disappointed or embarrassed by their son or daughter

The voices that push a young woman to kill the child inside her

Most young people hear the sounds of injustice all around them

And run in the opposite direction, turning a deaf ear to the cries!

But there are some, filled with the spirit who listen intently for the sounds

Not simply hoping to hear them, but to help rescue those in danger

And to rid the world of the evil of abortion, to put an end to the injustice

The conference has one goal and one goal only.  To equip you and young people around the world with the tools, information and training so they can run Toward the Cries of Injustice in their country, in their city, in their college or community.

At the International ProLife Youth Conference, you will hear from seasoned leaders in the prolife movement, leaders who have run toward the cries of injustice for decades.  You will be trained for intense activism as well as educated in the key battlegrounds of the fight for human dignity and a right to life.  You will meet the leaders who are running toward the cries of injustice today, fighting for life and rescuing those being led away to death.

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