Pax Christi! We come to you with some holy news and a very special invitation, to be part of a very special project: the new Eucharistic Miracles Movie.

May we ask that you please share this information/distribute as widely as possible … to assist our dear and special friend, Angelo Libutti, and all those involved in the movie, to get the word out about the 5000 people he seeks for the film shoot — never done before of John Chapter 6 and the feeding of the multitudes by Jesus — on Oct 23, LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY (film site in Tehachapi at Indian Hills ) for his Eucharistic Miracles movie.

Here is a trailer to show a snippet of what Angelo and friends have done so far: People from around the world have supported this movie, e.g., Catholic World Report and Catholic News Agency articles

All permits/necessary approvals have been received as of early this afternoon for the Tehachapi shoot on Saturday, Oct. 23.

Our Fresno Diocese communications director, Chandler, will be sending information. Various media outlets and friends have been contacted, including Jim Scott (KGET) and Laura Diaz (Fox, Los Angeles). However, as cloistered nuns, our resources are limited, and we pray that you, your families, parishes, friends, groups, organizations, etc., would be willing to continue as Angelo’s hands and feet to “spread the word” and consider your larger circle of friends/media contacts/social media & Facebook, etc., for this wonderful faith-filled opportunity ….

What men, women, children, families, etc., need to do to come/prepare for October 23 and the film shoot:

1. See attached Flyer (and especially the highlighted sections) for all necessary information for the film shoot, e.g., site location in Tehachapi (Indian Hills Ranch), Oct. 23, Saturday, arrive 8-9 am, etc.; lunch provided … this whole day will be an important part of the movie … as Angelo will be filming the whole scene in one day … typically scenes take several days or weeks to film, but Angelo is trying to complete it all in one day. Please sign up at this link.

2. It is a time period shoot — as suggested on website.

3. Free shipping by Amazon AND arrival by Oct 22 or before if you order certain gowns — see website.

Please contact Angelo ( with any questions, and let us know if we can help in any way, too. God bless you all.

With prayers in Christ,

The Norbertine Canonesses of Tehachapi