Ukrainian Americans living in the Bay Area are watching the situation back home with a lot of stress. Many have family and friends who are caught in the middle of the growing crisis.

There were Sunday prayers at St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in San Francisco, for a homeland on the brink of a possible invasion.

“Everybody is a little bit scared, everybody is under pressure and nobody knows what will happen tomorrow,” said Father Georgiy Tyapko.

Tyapko has many family members living in Ukraine, so do his parishioners.

“We are all afraid about our relatives,” said Volodymyr Borodaykavich.

Father Tyapko hopes diplomacy and divine intervention may help de-escalate military tensions.

“In this situation we need to combine prayer and political pressure,” he said.

Nova Ukraine is planning a ‘Stand With Ukraine’ support rally. It’s scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 20 at 1 p.m. at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

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