The following comes from an April 5 Catholic San Francisco article:

Students for Life of America named a San Francisco Bay Area group, Shield for the Unborn, the 2015 High School Group of the Year.

“The Shield for the Unborn has been an incredible witness in their community to the pro-life message of love and compassion,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “This group of young homeschoolers have been ambassadors of the pro-life generation as they stand outside Planned Parenthood and pray for the end of abortion.”

From February 9 Students for Life post:

The Shield for the Unborn is a group of 25 homeschool students who have successfully unified and mobilized together in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend peaceful weekly outreaches at their local Planned Parenthood. They also attended 11 larger-scale protests in 2015.

Demonstrating patience and perseverance, the Shield for the Unborn wrote encouraging pro-life messages on the sidewalk in chalk during one of their peaceful witnesses, and didn’t lose heart when Planned Parenthood employees tried washing away their messages of hope.  Instead, they rewrote them over and over again.

Even when the Planned Parenthood workers called the police, these students remained calm and level-headed, and took measures to make sure the facility was fined.

These young students are stellar ambassadors of the pro-life movement in their community, and the consistency with which they have stood as the last line of defense outside abortion facilities bears witness to their exceptional organization and diligence.