The following comes from a June 30 story in the New York Times.

The Supreme Court declined on Monday to hear a challenge to a California law that bans “conversion therapy” aimed at changing the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian minors.

The court, in rejecting the case, effectively let stand a federal appeals court ruling issued last August that said that the state’s ban on the practice did not violate the free speech rights of counselors or people seeking treatment. The appeals court had said that the state had an interest in banning professional treatments it considered harmful.

The Supreme Court did not say why it rejected the case, as is its custom.

Some conservative and religious groups continue to argue that sexuality is not innate and that a person could change his or her sexual orientation. Scientific and medical groups, however, have said that there is no evidence that sexual attractions can be changed. They also say that conversion therapies can be harmful….

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The following comes from a July 1 email from Randy Thomasson.

Principled counselors urged to continue helping gender-confused children

Sacramento, California — Randy Thomasson, president of, a leading family values organization that promotes moral virtues for the common good, has issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court’s to hear an appeal of the California Democrats’ ban on professional counseling for gender-confused children.

“When a child is molested and suffers gender confusion as a result, it is unconscionable not to help the child escape the mental cage of their sexual perpetrator,” Thomasson said. “The Democrats’ SB 1172 prohibits parents and counselors from loving gender-confused children enough to address and heal their inner pain, and instead locks children into unnatural homosexual and transsexual behavior.”

“We call upon principled counselors to continue helping these damaged children, despite this bad law of the ‘LGBT’ groups and Democrat lawmakers,” Thomasson said. “This unconstitutional statute violates the free speech and religious freedom of parents and counselors, and revictimizes children who desperately need help for their damaged souls.”

California State Assembly floor vote on SB 1172 here,
California State Senate floor vote on SB 1172 here.