The following comes from a Sept. 23 ABC-TV (Channel 23) story.

The Bakersfield City Council will hear a resolution approved by the council’s Legislative and Litigation Committee, but the ordinance restricting abortion was tabled.

The resolution praises groups that want to inform the public about “alternatives to abortion” and points out that the city “maintains that there are many positive and feasible alternatives to abortion,” the Bakersfield Californian reported.

The resolution was drafted as a compromise after City Attorney Ginny Gennaro said an ordinance under consideration earlier this year could open the city to litigation. If the resolution is approved, it still needs a majority vote from the City Council. Since resolutions don’t carry the weight of law, it would not be enforced.

Monday’s meeting was moved from a conference room to the council chambers across the street to accommodate the expected crowds.

Anti-abortion advocates have favored an ordinance restricting abortion. Others maintained that public officials should stay out of the issue….

Gennaro said the issue can’t keep coming up for debate.

“At some point, there’s a need for closure. We can’t keep bringing this back to the committee,” Gennaro said. “I think, on both sides of the spectrum, the people are expecting the council to make a decision.”

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The following update on the story comes from a Sept. 24 blog by Tim Palmquist.

At Monday’s meeting of the Bakersfield City Council’s Legislative and Litigation Committee, the resolution written by City Attorney Ginny Gennaro was passed with a vote of 2-1.   The motion, presented by Councilmember Russ Johnson, also stated that the committee would “table the [Human Life] Ordinance indefinitely until such time as the majority of the Council chooses to bring it back.”

Although all three committee members spoke not only of their own pro-life views but of the community’s pro-life views, only Councilmember Jacquie Sullivan boldly advocated the Human Life Ordinance and stood against the misleading resolution, saying “it’s not ready.”

Committee Chairman Terry Maxwell rushed the dozens of public speakers, cutting them off abruptly after two minutes, so that the entire public comment time was over in less than 45 minutes.

Even attorney Katie Short, who has been an essential part of the Human Life Ordinance effort since the beginning and who had traveled to Bakersfield to share important legal information which would have effectively refuted the City Attorney’s statements against the HLO, was limited to only two minutes.  ”The genius of this ordinance has not been fully appreciated,” Short told the committee.  ”It never uses the word ‘abortion.’ ”  She went on to say that if someone wished to file a lawsuit against the HLO, “the first thing that person would have to do is stand up and say… ‘I kill human beings for money.’”  Short also emphasized that all of those who spoke in opposition to the Human Life Ordinance implicitly recognized the fact that abortion kills human beings….

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