The following comes from a Jan. 5 email from a Mexican correspondent.

The first gay wedding is to be held in Mexicali, Baja California, on January 10. The civil marriage between two men was temporarily stalled on November 21 by municipal authorities that determined that two men could not marry according to state laws.

But, Victor Aguirre and Fernando Urías will legally be married on January 10 after the Mexican Supreme Court ordered the authorities of the city of Mexicali to celebrate and recognize the marriage.

The Mayor of Mexicali, Jaime Diaz Ochoa, said that the mandate given by the Mexican Supreme Court will be obeyed by the city he represents.

The Catholic bishop of Mexicali, Jose Isidro Guerrero Macías, has strongly opposed the marriage since the beginning of the ordeal in early 2014. In an interview with SDP noticias he stated that, “we must not confuse the sacred figure of matrimony with a simple civil contract. The divine order has established matrimony as an institution formed by one man and one woman”.

The archbishop of Tijuana has also spoken against the so called gay “marriage” by stating to the local newspaper La Cronica that, “This is something that most definitely the [Catholic] church does not accept. You may call it what you want but it is not a marriage. Marriage has its origins since the beginning of human history; a union between one man and one woman with the blessing of God. Two men or two women cannot be parents. This act will have [negative] consequences.”

In an interview with Proceso, a national political magazine, Cardinal Norberto Rivera of Mexico City stated that “even with the approval of the Mexican Supreme Court, the [Mexican] Catholic Church will continue to oppose the ‘matrimony’ of persons of the same sex and abortion.”