The following comes from a June 7 story on the Catholic News Agency site. 

The bishops of the Mexican state of Baja California say they are disappointed that the state legislature failed to ratify a constitutional amendment that would have better protected religious liberty.

“The Catholic Church is deeply saddened that our lawmakers have not adopted this reform which guaranteed this fundamental right,” they said in a statement sent to Catholic News Agency June 5.

The amendment to Article 24 of the Mexican Constitution would have removed the current rule which requires government authorization to hold worship services outside of places of worship. An amendment to Article 40 also added the word “secular” to clarify the country’s form of government.

On March 28, the Mexican Senate adopted both amendments and sent them to the state legislatures for ratification. A majority of states need to ratify the changes in order for them to take effect.

Baja California is one of 32 Mexican states that must vote on the amendments, and the process of voting is currently ongoing.

Both reforms would have ensured that the “fundamental issues of religious freedom and the secular state” would be “fully guaranteed in our country,” the bishops said in their statement.

Opponents to Amendment 24 said it would have given special privileges to religion by allowing worship outside of sacred spaces….

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Posted Monday, June 11, 2012 6:54 AM By JLS
Well, just maybe, the Mexican government is in a pitched battle against the recipients of Fast and Furious for being the numero uno handmaiden of the USA liberal (marxist/masonic) govt, and thus wants to curtsy to its master in the most politically correct manner it can think of … which would be what else than to put sword over the head of the Church? Remember the big move, set aside for the moment, of the mega highway planned to run freely from Mexico through the USA into Canada?? Remember that big dispute a couple years back?? The global govt is alive and well, just an infante le terrible at the moment (pardon my French, please).

Posted Monday, June 11, 2012 7:46 AM By NUTUNE
It makes SOME sense to be anxious about Mexican politics in our country, but compared to the anxiety which we CAN address in our own country, it seems a waste of time to think we can actually make any difference OVER THERE. . The United States presidential prerogative to provide money to countries with strings attached re abortion- or not- is something about which our OWN elected politicians can do actual good. Have we surrendered over here?