The following comes from a May 23 email from Life Legal Defense Foundation.

See May 17 story in Cal Catholic about legal fight to keep Kaiser in Sacramento from killing the two-year-old baby.

Israel Stinson was transferred out of Kaiser Medical Center this weekend!!! He has been taken to another hospital and is currently receiving care.

To protect Israel’s privacy and security, we are not yet able to disclose where he is, but we can say this… In order for Israel to receive the care he desperately needs, he had to be transferred by air ambulance out of the United States. That’s right.

After weeks and weeks of searching, no hospital facility in the United States would accept Israel. But we were able to locate a hospital outside the country that will care for him as a live human being.

You see, Israel’s medical chart at Kaiser said he was brain dead… But Israel is ALIVE! After examining Israel, a neurologist and pediatric specialist at the new hospital have concluded that Israel does not meet the criteria for brain death.

After six weeks without any nutrition except sugar, Israel is finally receiving the nutrients (protein, fats, and vitamins) he needs. He is also getting a comprehensive treatment protocol for severely brain injured patients.

The new hospital has said it will do everything possible to treat Israel and give him a chance to recover!

Israel’s parents have a long road ahead… Their story is not yet over. Israel’s parents are hoping to bring him back to the United States once he has received the procedures he needs for long-term care. Please continue to pray for this family!