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Disney and the disappearance of the family movie
Where to look for the good: Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Saloon, French movies, Paddington films, some Marvel productions

The idea of a family movie night involves a host of fun rituals: popping the popcorn, gathering blankets and pillows in the living room, and dimming the lights to create the perfect movie theater setting. But

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Cardinal Burke’s vocation inspired by Latin Mass
Many genuflections, frequent kissing of the altar express transcendent reality

Many faithful – laity, ordained and consecrated – have expressed to me the profound distress which the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes has brought them. Those who are attached to the Usus Antiquior (More Ancient Usage) [UA], what Pope Benedict XVI

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300 male prisoners asking to get into California women prisons
20 requests have been processed and no request has been denied

Female inmates in the California prison system say they’re now “prey for men” as correctional facilities prepare for an uptick in rapes and pregnancies following a policy change that allows men who identify as female to be transferred to women’s-only

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