The Department of Justice reportedly advised the Washington, D.C. Medical Examiner to discard the remains of aborted preemie-sized babies, according to an attorney with the Thomas More Society.

Those baby remains are from an abortion clinic in Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood of D.C. Pro-life activists believe the baby bodies are evidence that a D.C. abortionist was performing illegal abortions, but for two years now, D.C. authorities have stonewalled any questions about the babies’ deaths.

“Just today, I got a call from the medical examiner’s office indicating that the DOJ has advised them that there is no reason to keep those babies anymore,” attorney Martin Cannon, who is representing pro-life activists charged by the DOJ, told The Daily Signal on a phone call late Monday evening. “And the medical examiner’s office accordingly tells me that if we don’t have an order to the contrary, by the end of this week, a court order, they will dispose of the babies.”

The DOJ and the D.C. Medical Examiner did not immediately respond to requests for comment for this story.

Cannon said that he received a call from the D.C. Medical Examiner’s office on Monday related to the case of Lauren Handy, one of the pro-life activists he is representing….

Cannon, who was in D.C. on Monday visiting Handy and her fellow pro-life activists, had been in communication with a forensic pathologist who was considering examining the babies ahead of the activists’ trial.

“I had the agreement of the medical examiner to accommodate that,” Cannon said of the forensic pathologist’s examination. But shortly before Handy’s trial, he said, the pathologist became unable to do the examination.

“The condition of those babies and the circumstances under which they died is still relevant to the case,” he pointed out. “It’s pertinent to sentencing. And I’ve been making some efforts lately to find another pathologist and see what we can do. And, of course, I have advised the medical examiner’s office of that….”

From LifeNews