The University of San Diego, a nominally Catholic college, has periodically sponsored Sexualities Cluster Courses presenting the traditional Catholic view on human sexuality.

This year’s presentation, which took place via Zoom on March 25, attracted 150 students.

The lecturers were Trent Horn, apologist for Catholic Answers and author of Why We’re Catholic, Answering Atheism, Made This Way, Hard Sayings, and attorney Charles LiMandri, a USD alumnus and leader in the move to qualify Proposition 8 for the California ballot and the fight over the Mt. Soledad cross. LiMandri founded the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund and has led the fights to re-open California churches.


“By sharing these timeless truths, we are not condemning anybody. Questions we’ve gotten from USD students in the past suggest that’s what we’re doing, but we’re certainly not….

“We view same-sex attractions as disordered, not part of God’s plan, but not in and of themselves sinful unless they’re acted upon….

“In speaking these eternal truths, I may raise the ire of people who disagree, including some of you, I’m called to do it in a loving and sensitive way…

“Catholic marriage is exclusive, permanent, complementary… We fulfill each other…. As men and women we each walk around with half a reproductive system… Only in marriage can we be complete in our reproductive systems….”

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