The following is a California Catholic Daily exclusive by Gibbons Cooney:

On May 4, 2022, at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone ordained two men to the priesthood in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The new priests are Fr. Jerald Geronimo and Fr. Gerardo Vazquez.

 The ordinations were almost disrupted by the presence of a small group of pro-abortion protestors, but they were countered by an equally small, albeit much younger and more energetic group, from Pro-Life San Francisco. From Pro-Life San Francisco’s Facebook page:

“In February a group of pro-abortion protesters broke into Saint Mary’s Cathedral in SF during Mass and screamed at peaceful church goers. Today, we ruined their next attempt! A coalition of secular, and religious Pro-Life activists chanted, drummed, and made noise for life, while blocking the protestors from entering the church and interrupting today’s ordinations.”

 Kristin Turner, executive Director of Pro-Life San Francisco, whose bio on Pro-Life San Francisco describes her as “progressive, feminist, vegan, atheist, and [a] social justice activist from Northern California” told pro-life Catholics that she had heard, through social media, that there would be an attempt to disrupt the ordinations. The pro-life Catholics then notified members of the Chancery staff, who notified police, who were thus prepared for any disruption.  

Witnesses described the attempted protest as a handful of people with a green large banner.  As the pro-abortionists were trying to block the Gough Street entrance to the cathedral’s parking lot, they were met by Ms. Turner and the members of Pro-Life San Francisco, carrying signs and a bullhorn. The pro abortion group then entered the cathedral parking lot, moving towards the Cathedral’s front stairs, but police and security moved them off onto the sidewalk on to Geary Boulevard. Although people entering the church saw the protest, priests during the ordination Mass were unaware that it had even occurred.