Longtime sidewalk counselor and Life Legal Defense Foundation client Ross Foti was brutally assaulted outside a California Planned Parenthood last October.  A Planned Parenthood client was furious that Ross had parked in front of the abortion mill. She screamed at him and then shoved him into a fire hydrant.

As of last month, the District Attorney had not charged Ross’s assailant with any crimes.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to call the San Mateo District Attorney’s office to demand justice for Ross.

We recently learned that Ross’s attacker has been charged with aggravated battery causing serious bodily injury and battery against an elder, which carries enhanced penalties.

Ross, who is 88, suffered a punctured lung and other serious injuries and was hospitalized after the assault. He was released after four days in the hospital but is still in pain and requires ongoing treatment.

The woman was given a citation but was not taken into custody. If Ross had so much as touched a Planned Parenthood client or deathscort, he would likely have been arrested on the spot and immediately charged.

Ross is a longtime sidewalk counselor who has faithfully prayed and counseled outside Planned Parenthood mills for over 30 years. Under his watch, three different Planned Parenthood mills in the area have shut their doors.

Thank you for reaching out on Ross’s behalf! Please pray for:

For Ross’s complete recovery from his injuries
For justice to be served as the case proceeds, and
For Ross’s assailant, who believes herself to be a “goddess” and engages in occultic practices.

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