The following comes from a March 9 Life Site News article by Dustin Siggins.


Do you fly Southwest or JetBlue? Is Coca-Cola filling your fridge, or are Olive Garden’s never-ending salads a staple of your diet? If so, then you may be supporting the millions of dollars corporations send to Planned Parenthood each year.

In a new report launched [March 9], the conservative corporate watchdog group 2nd Vote reveals that hundreds of corporations are filling Planned Parenthood’s coffers, often unbeknownst to their conservative consumers.

“2nd Vote is dedicated to helping conservative consumers keep their spending in line with their values,” 2nd Vote National Outreach Director Robert Kuykendall told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview announcing the launch of the organization’s newest project. “We believe that everyone has one vote for their values at the ballot box, but they have the opportunity to vote on their values every day with their wallets.”

While 2nd Vote has only been around for just over a year, they have graded hundreds of corporations on five issues — marriage, the environment, education, support for the Second Amendment, and, as of this morning, abortion. Using their “scoring” system, the organization ranks corporations on their direct or indirect involvement with these hot-button public policy and cultural issues.


“2nd Vote was actually born out of pro-life principles,” according to Kuykendall. “One of our founding members discovered that the dollars he was regularly donating to the March of Dimes were going to Planned Parenthood. The question from the beginning was, ‘Why would a charity or corporation fund a group whose activity goes against the traditional values of so many Americans?'”

“We believe the reason for this is that Americans who hold pro-life and other traditional values have not done a good job holding these entities accountable,” said Kuykendall.

Concerned citizens can download the app on 2nd Vote’s website. The full list of corporation scores can be found here.