American bishops are sending traditional-minded or conservative priests to psychiatric hospitals for “reprogramming” or as punishment, a priest blogger has alleged.

Father John Zuhlsdorf, also known as Fr. Z, wrote on his popular blog September 25 that the number of priests sent for psychiatric evaluations has increased, and that it’s conservative and traditional priests who are targeted.

“Over the last few months I have been contacted by diocesan priests (and a religious) who were being sent by their bishops (superior) to be ‘evaluated’ at one of these psych clinics for clergy,” he said.

In an “alarmingly similar pattern,” the bishop sends the priest to the psychiatric facility for an evaluation after some “dust up” in the parish, according to Fr. Zuhlsdorf, a priest who resides in the Diocese of Madison.

“A common characteristic of the priests: they are conservative or traditionalists,” he added.

“In the last year, there was a period of a couple months in which several priests contacted me to tell me that they were going into the psych slammer at the order of their bishops. Before that, I hadn’t had any such call or contact.”

Fr. Z’s blog post comes as Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich reportedly ordered Fr. Paul Kalchik to St. Luke’s Institute in Maryland, which Zuhlsdorf describes as the “most (in)famous” of these institutes, for a psychiatric evaluation.

Kalchik, a pastor at Resurrection, went against Cupich’s wishes and privately burned a rainbow-and-cross banner a previous pastor had hung behind the altar, as well as reciting an exorcism prayer at the time. The parish has a history of promoting homosexuality, and there are allegations the now deceased late pastor committed homosexual transgressions on church premises.

NBC Chicago reported Auxiliary Bishop Mart Bartosic arrived last Saturday just before Kalchik was to celebrate a wedding, and ordered the priest to leave or be arrested for trespassing on parish grounds.

Church Militant reported it has interviewed Fr. Kalchik, who is in hiding. According to Church Militant, two priests accosted Fr. Kalchikat the rectory and told him he had to go to St. Luke’s Institute.

Meanwhile, Catholic News Agency reported September 25 the archdiocese of Chicago said the priest “left willingly” to “receive pastoral care.”

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