In a letter mailed to all registered parishioners in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron again pleaded with Catholics in the six-county archdiocese to reject an extreme ballot proposal on abortion slated for Michigan’s Nov. 8 election.

The nearly unprecedented letter — sent via U.S. mail to hundreds of thousands of Catholic households in southeast Michigan — began arriving in mailboxes the week of Oct. 24.

Proposal 3, also known as the Reproductive Freedom for All constitutional amendment, would have “vast and extreme” consequences for Michigan if it passes, the archbishop said, turning the state into “ground zero” for abortion extremism in the United States.

Polls show the measure tightening, with support near 50% as the election nears.

“We are quickly approaching the November 8 election, during which voters in Michigan will decide on Proposal 3, an amendment to the state constitution that would allow unregulated abortion on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy,” the archbishop wrote. “It is the most extreme proposal concerning abortion this state or country has ever seen.”

The danger of Proposal 3, the archbishop and others have said, is that its intentionally vague language would invalidate virtually all other laws in the state intended to regulate abortion, turning the gruesome procedure into a sort of “super right” in the state’s constitution….

“The implications of this proposal are vast and extreme,” Archbishop Vigneron wrote. “Due to its broad and vague language, Proposal 3 would invalidate dozens of existing laws related to abortion,” including allowing taxpayer-funded abortion, abortions based on a child’s sex, partial-birth abortion, and abortions performed by unqualified individuals.

“If passed, this proposal would transform Michigan into ground zero for abortions performed anywhere, at any time, by any person, for any reason,” the archbishop said….

“As disciples of Christ, we affirm the inherent, God-given dignity of every person, from conception to natural death. Abortion is a grave offense to the dignity of the most vulnerable person, the unborn child. We understand this as Catholics,” the archbishop said. “By voting No on Proposal 3, we build a foundation for a culture in which every human life is valued, and women and families readily receive the support they need to thrive….

The above comes from an Oct. 25 story in the Detroit Catholic.