The following comes from an April 19 Angelus article by Archbishop José H. Gomez:

Amoris Laetitia (“The Joy of Love”) is a deep and important document.

There has been almost a frenzy of reaction in the media, much of it confusing as different groups try to “spin” the document to their own personal perspective.

Pope Francis is clear that he has no intention of changing Church doctrine or teaching. Instead he wants to change our hearts so that we can better know and live what he calls “the primordial divine plan” for our lives and our society.

“The Joy of Love”is a passionate, personal statement.

The pope draws insights and inspiration from saints and poets, even from films. He urges a “return” to two pillars of modern Church teaching — Blessed Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae (“On Human Life”) and St. John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio (“The Family in the Modern World”). He includes a long quotation on love and endurance from the American civil rights leader, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He has strong words to say about abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty and “the legal deconstruction of the family.” He is deeply troubled about the “ideology of gender” — that is fast becoming “absolute and unquestionable, and even dictating” in our societies.

He writes as a wise pastor about the meaning of married love, the joys of motherhood and fatherhood, and the gift of children. He has tender words of appreciation for couples whose married love lasts a lifetime: “Just as a good wine begins to ‘breathe’ with time, so too the daily experience of fidelity gives married life richness and ‘body.’… The love present from the beginning becomes more conscious, settled and mature as the couple discover each other anew day after day, year after year.”

I was touched by our Holy Father’s call for all of us in the Church to reach out with compassion to wounded families and persons whose marriages have ended in separation or divorce.

The marriage union is “real and irrevocable, confirmed and consecrated by the sacrament of matrimony,” he writes. And God intends marriage to be the means by which spouses grow in holiness and to bring children into the world and to raise them.

But the pope recognizes, as we all do, that relationships can become broken and marriages can fall apart. And we need to respond with mercy and sensitivity in caring for those in pain and difficult situations.

We have been talking about that here since before the synod, with the help of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council and our Office of Family Life. We have a lot to learn from “The Joy of Love” and that will give us even more to talk about and to reflect upon in our pastoral plans and work.

The comments on the Angelus article overwhelmingly disagreed with Archbishop Gomez. Some examples:

Who are we to believe? Jesus Christ, John The Baptist, St Paul, all Holy Saints and all his predecessors for 2000 years or Pope Francis? I’m going with Jesus Christ and his friends…
The Joy of Love is like a cake with one percent of poison added. The finished cake looks good but it is deadly…

With respect to a shepherd of the Church, I must suggest I am surprised that Abp Gomez and other bishops are not able to see the problem of a pint of poison in a lake of truth. Few laity will read the “good” parts of the document, yet many will hear the deep controversy found in Chapter 8, its footnotes, and several other problematic areas in the exhortation. Many Catholics will assume the Church’s teaching has been altered, and, sadly, many of those will be pastors.
Donna Ruth

Eminence, you are a shepherd of the Church and for this you receive from me a respectful and open listen. However, the words of Our Lord are very clear, and I may not deviate from them even were you to counsel that we do so.

With all due respect, Archbishop Gomez, this document is an utter disaster. 
Like it or not, at Pope Francis’ instigation, the Synod on the Family became the synod on communion for the divorced and “remarried.” This was a settled issue until he pulled Cardinal Kasper – the theological “enemy” of Pope Emeritus Benedict – out of obscurity and put him front-and-center to re-propose what had already been explicitly rejected by two Popes.

The Pope is adding massive confusion to the situation. He wants to include everyone. If it requires jettisoning God’s Moral Standards to do so, so be it.