The Archbishop of Los Angeles (United States), Msgr. José Gomez, recalled this December 25 the “powerful promise” that the Gospel makes at Christmas, when the first chapter of the Gospel according to Saint John is read.

Through his Facebook page, Archbishop Gomez stressed that “today, God, the Creator of all that is alive, has become man. The One who is eternal and beyond all time, he has entered into human history. The great ‘God, who is King’, does not come in power, but in weakness. Not to conquer, but to invite”.

After highlighting the important and beautiful messages in the first and second reading of this December 25, the Prelate pointed out that “our Gospel gives us a powerful promise: ‘But to those who accepted him, he gave them the power to become children of God, to those who believe in his name, who were not born by natural generation, nor by human choice, nor by the decision of man, but of God’”.

“Every word of our liturgy today speaks of a truth: God loves us so much that he became one like us, to share our humanity,” he said.

By encouraging going to the manger, the Archbishop of Los Angeles encouraged that “we adore the Child, as the shepherds did on that first Christmas morning. Let us offer this Child the gift of our hearts”.

“The promise of Christmas is that we can make our entire life a living nativity scene,” he stressed.

“By His grace, we can make our lives a place where Jesus Christ is born in our hearts every day, a place where we become more like Jesus every day: more humble, more loving, more holy.”

“On this day of joy, when each land and people sing a new song, when the glory of the only Son of the Father fills the whole earth, I pray that each one of you allows a new awareness of Jesus to awaken in your heart! !” he concluded.

From ACI Prensa translated.