“My dear young people, you who are the Pro-Life Generation: God is calling you to greatness! Greatness does not come from power or wealth, or from what St. Paul calls wisdom by human standards, that is, the dominant narrative of a dehumanized culture divorced from the vision of faith in the one, true God. From where does greatness come, according to St. Paul? It comes from being foolish enough to be chosen by God to shame the wise of this world, that is, those who perpetrate the destructive myths of the culture of death; by being weak enough to shame the strong, having the spiritual strength to speak truth to power and endure the ridicule, insults and rejection that will come with it; by being lowly, humble and even despised so that God can use you to bring down those who are high and mighty in the eyes of the world but who, by word and example, lead others down the path of self-destruction. Greatness comes from the humility, innocence and spiritual strength that enables one to become a lamb of sacrifice.

“Let the teenager St. Agnes be your model, your guide and your inspiration. Imitate her virtues of purity, courage and joy in living her life for the love of Christ. Like her, and St. Paul, let your only boast be our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave his all for us, for our sanctification and redemption, even though he did not stand to receive anything in return. May he be praised forever! Amen!”