Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco is permitting pastors in the Archdiocese of San Francisco to celebrate Masses indoors as they determine safe and comply with the health directives of the archdiocese.

This includes parishes in Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

Below is part of what he wrote to priests of the archdiocese earlier today (Dec. 18).

“In the midst of this continuing pandemic, it is always much safer to hold large gatherings outdoors. I therefore ask you to continue to celebrate Mass outdoors (or to start if you haven’t yet) whenever possible. Even with winter upon us, God has blessed us with many days in which the weather has been quite amenable to the outdoor celebration of Mass.At the same time, we cannot rely on this always being the case.

“Therefore, if in your best judgment it would be safer for your people to have Mass indoors rather than outdoors, you may bring them into the church for Mass observing the 20% capacity rule and all of the safety protocols of the Archdiocese. The determination of safety may depend not only on the weather (e.g., rain, cold or wind) but other factors as well, such as security (e.g., Mass after nightfall in certain neighborhoods) and avoidance of bodily harm (e.g., a large group in a limited outdoor space immediately next to a street during peak traffic hours).”

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