….We cannot say we are pro-life unless we embrace the entire plan of God, which means embracing His plan for marriage. If common sense were not enough, we have more than fifty years of consistent social science research that shows us that so many of the social ills we are experiencing – rampant poverty, homelessness, gun violence, incarceration, you name it – is because of family fragmentation, and, in particular, fatherlessness. That is the root of the problem. Which means that marriage, as God designed it, is the root of the solution.

So, I address myself particularly to you young people, you who are the pro-life generation: be truly pro-life by being a part of the solution, not the problem. Be the solution: get married, stay married, and don’t have children until you get married; which means, don’t do that which brings children into the world until you get married. Those old-fashioned manners are not simple outdated prudishness; they are actually the recipe, designed by God, for a healthy, flourishing society, and for the flourishing of each individual in that society. Just think about all of the depression, anxiety and loneliness we hear about these days, especially among younger people. Living isolated from others is directly contrary to how God created us to be. God created us for communion, and living His plan for marriage throughout our life is what trains us to be capable of that communion, capable of lifelong intimacy, of mutual giving and receiving and fidelity….
From the Archdiocese of San Francisco