Editor’s Note: Those who wish to voice support for these Christian employees being targeted can do so very quickly here, and donations to their lawsuit can be given here.

More than two dozen Christian employees of a San Diego community college system are being targeted for termination after not receiving dangerousineffective, COVID-19 gene-based “vaccine” injections in the wake of three of their colleagues having already been fired on January 19.

San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) remains the only college system in the state of California to adopt a policy of firing employees for declining to receive the abortion-tainted COVID-19 injections due to their religious convictions.

“I am one of at least 30 Christian employees at SDCCD that have been purposely targeted for termination, even now, for not accepting to take a fetus cell-tainted injection,” wrote mathematics professor Carlos de la Lama in an email correspondence with LifeSiteNews.

In the late spring of 2022, the job of adjudicating these exemptions and accommodations was delegated to vice chancellor of human resources Gregory Smith who has, according to de la Lama, denied reasonable accommodations for employees with religious exemptions, even while his office has generously approved accommodations for those who received medical exemptions.

This is the case despite these different employees often working “in the same building, same office suite, same classrooms, and perhaps even with the same students,” de la Lama explained. “So, our contention is that they’re certainly targeting religious exemptions” of which virtually all have been filed by devout Christians.

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