Just when you think San Francisco politicians could not sink any lower, they prove you wrong.

On Monday, May 5, David Campos, who represents the San Francisco district on the city/county board of supervisors, will hold a fundraiser at the Kink.com porn studio. The studio is located in what used to be the National Guard Armory of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported: “San Francisco Supervisor David Campos was planning a ‘kinky’ fundraiser Monday night at a place that bills itself  ‘the largest fetish porn company in the world’ to raise money for his race to represent San Francisco in the state assembly.

Most candidates raise campaign cash at upscale eateries, casual coffeehouses or the homes of the well-to-do. Campos’ fundraiser was going to feature tours of Kink.com’s ‘edgy’ pornography studio at the Armory, a huge Moorish-style brick castle that celebrates an erotic subculture involving dominance, submission, role-playing and lots of restraining devices.”

The Chronicle reported “(Dennis)  Kelly, the president of the San Francisco Unified School District teachers union, which endorsed Campos, said the event didn’t raise his eyebrows. The California Teachers Association also is endorsing Campos.”

‘You have to remember this is San Francisco,’ Kelly said. ‘I don’t think it’s something we would invite our members to, but David Campos is a well-rounded man with many constituents and many interests.

This past January the openly homosexual Campos introduced a resolution to the board of supervisors condemning the Abortion Hurts Women banners hung along the city’s Market Street in preparation for the Walk for Life West Coast. The resolution made national news, and was opposed by editorials in both the Chronicle and KGO-TV, San Francisco’s ABC affiliate.