The Medical Board of California has announced that for Christopher Dotson, M.D. , 82-year-old abortionist, “No practice is permitted.”

Dotson has failed to renew his license since June 30, 2013.

Dotson graduated from Howard University College of Medicine in 1955.

He practiced obstetrics/gynecology in the Los Angeles area at Centinella Hospital and slowly drifted into abortion only after he caused the death of a young mother during delivery in 1998. The Medical Board accused him of gross negligence and he was disciplined

When the widow of infamous partial birth abortionist, James McMahon, M.D., decided to sell his business—Eve Surgical— Dotson took over at 10150 National Boulevard in Los Angeles. He brought in another abortionist, Josepha Seletz, M.D.

In 2007, the family of a young mother, Oriane Shevin, filed a wrongful death malpractice suit against Dotson and Seletz, accusing them of negligently giving Shevin the abortifacient drug, Mifepristine, without proper follow-up. Dotson and Seletz lost the case and were made to pay $1 million to Shevin’s husband and children.

In 2010 Dotson made headlines in the Los Angeles Times. They discovered that Dotson was the official Medical Board appointed monitor for another abortionist, Andrew Rutland, M.D. who was under discipline for several injuries and deaths. Given that Dotson already had a record of discipline himself, he was not allowed to be a monitor but slipped through the bureaucratic cracks. The Medical Board quickly cancelled him as a practice monitor.

Dotson’s was selling his six-bedroom seven-bathroom Beverly Hills mansion at 1024 Ridgedale Drive for $9 million, but finally sold it through the bankruptcy court for $7,750.000 in June 2012.