The following comes from a March 31 news release from Life Legal Defense Foundation:

Life Legal’s VP of Legal Affairs Katie Short was in San Francisco on Tuesday for the first hearing in Planned Parenthood v. David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress. The case is in the discovery phase and the hearing involved details regarding the procedures to be followed as the case goes to trial. Trial has been scheduled for December 4, 2017. While that sounds like a long way off, the next 19 months will be busy, especially for Mrs. Short, who heads up Daleiden’s legal team.

We also learned this week that two more Planned Parenthood affiliates have joined in the lawsuit against Daleiden.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast operates clinics in Texas and Louisiana, including Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion facility—a 78,000 square-foot behemoth in Houston that cost $26 million to build. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains operates clinics in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nevada.

Together, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains take in $60 million in revenue annually. This means Planned Parenthood now has even more money available to fund its lawsuit against David.