It’s not your typical pro-life organization that puts out a video with a pregnant woman wearing a pink wig and, at one point, even sporting a pair of purple fairy wings as she mocks talking points made by the “pro-choice” movement.

But perhaps that’s why CHOICE42 (Choice for Two) is so unique.

In that video, which currently has more than 1.2 million views on Facebook, the woman holds a multicolored, sparkly tube representing “the magical birth canal” and, with tongue in cheek, asserts that babies attain their human rights only after successfully passing through it.

As a baby is moved from one end of the faux canal to the other, she tells viewers, “Observe: not a person, not a person, not a person.” Then, with feigned enthusiasm, she adds, “Coming out the other end … a person! Human rights! Congratulations! You now have value.”

Speculating as to what might be responsible for the “amazing” transformation of the purportedly non-human fetus into a fully human newborn, she shares that “popular scientific theories include fairies, aliens or, of course, a mini-Big Bang.”

The star of this viral video and others produced in a similar vein is Laura Klassen, 33, founder and director of CHOICE42. The grassroots organization’s name serves as a reminder that a mother’s abortion decision directly affects two lives. Based in Canada, CHOICE42 has pioneered a younger, hipper, edgier approach to the pro-life message.

“Basically, whenever there’s any pro-choice slogan that’s going around … we make videos as though from that side’s point of view, just to show how ridiculous a lot of these things are,” Klassen said in a telephone interview with The Southern Cross, newspaper of the Diocese of San Diego.

She explained that CHOICE42 uses satire to “flip (pro-choice) arguments on their head” and to convey serious truths in a “funny and lighthearted” way.

CHOICE42 remains a fairly small outfit. It’s a team of four women, including Klassen, ranging in age from their early 20s to their early 40s. None of them receive any pay for their work.

Though optimistic about the pro-life cause’s prospects for success and already seeing some promising trends, including several new pro-life groups being started by younger people, Klassen challenges those who oppose abortion to get more involved.

“‘Pro-life’ is a verb,” she said. “It’s something that you need to be actively doing. If you’re just sitting in your house, thinking that you’re pro-life, there are babies being killed, so basically you’re useless.

“You need to be out there,” she said, explaining that she’s not telling people to follow her lead and start their own pro-life organization, but simply to check out their local pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies and maternity homes and find out what they can do to support them.

“We should be making a huge noise about (abortion),” she said, “because it’s a genocide in our own country.”

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