Father James Martin, America Magazine‘s editor-at-large, has been appointed by Pope Francis as a consultant to the Vatican’s department for communications — a job that includes manning the Vatican radio, website, tv, and popular papal twitter handle. [CCD editor’s note: as this is not a full-time position, Fr. Martin has said he will be staying in New York with America media] 

Father Martin is a controversial figure in the American Church, often expressing strong liberal views on his public social media accounts (even when they contradict Church teaching).

Story from Catholic Vote.

  • “I’m very happy to serve the church in this new way,” Father Martin said upon learning of the appointment.
  • “I learned of the news early this morning, when Josh McElwee of The National Catholic Reporter and Cindy Wooden of Catholic News Service contacted me via Twitter to congratulate me. And given the importance of social media in the church today, that’s a good way to find out good news.”
  • The secretariat is responsible for Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Centre as well as the Holy See’s website and the pope’s Twitter handle, @Pontifex.

From America Magazine.

The Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications, the office Martin will be working with, runs the pope’s official Twitter account, Vatican radio and TV, and the Holy See’s website.

Michael Warsaw, EWTN’s Chairman of the Board, was appointed as a consultor to the Secretariat for Communications. So were another Jesuit and Dominican priest, several other priests, and faculty of Pontifical universities.

Dr. Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio, Chief ICT Auditor at the United Nations, will also be a consultor to the Vatican communications office.

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Tweets from Father James Martin:

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Story updated 4/13