Just before Christmas, Operation Rescue received a report of an ambulance transport that took place on December 21, 2019, at FPA Women’s Health, an abortion business located in Mission Hills (just west of the San Fernando Mission).

FPA Women’s Health is a chain of 24 abortion facilities scattered throughout the state of California. At several of these facilities, multiple injuries and patient deaths have been documented.

The report indicated that witnesses observed a Hispanic woman on a gurney as she was removed from the abortion business and loaded into a Los Angeles Fire Department Ambulance.

“The woman appeared unconscious and the paramedics looked very disturbed,” the source told Operation Rescue.

Long-time FPA Women’s Health abortionist Karen Mann was believed to be conducting abortions at the time of the incident.  Mann has been involved with at least three serious abortion-related medical emergencies while working at the chain’s facility in Bakersfield.

With no photographs of the December emergency available, Operation Rescue worked to verify the incident and learn more.

Our first attempt to obtain public 911 records from the Los Angeles Fire Department was flatly denied.  Since 911 records are traditionally considered public records, we appealed.  Eventually, the appeal was partially successful, and a Prehospital Care Report was released.

However, the patient care record was heavily redacted – perhaps illegally so.  Even the time of the incident was expunged….


The above comes from a Feb.  20 release from Operation Rescue.