The following comes from a June 13 Santa Clara University press release:

In a speech that sounded straight out of “The Colbert Report,” where he was a frequent guest, nationally known Jesuit, Catholic author and commentator James Martin, S.J., entertained and inspired the Santa Clara University graduating class Saturday morning, with advice that was part pastoral, part comedic.

Kicking off the first of ten life lessons for the graduates assembled on Buck Shaw Field, Martin declared, “you’re not God; this isn’t heaven; and don’t be an ass,” to a burst of laughter. He said even when life is at its most aggravating and burdensome, “you can be sad and disappointed and angry, and you can share your struggles with your friends, but you don’t have to pass on your anger….it doesn’t mean you have to act like a jerk.”

Father Martin was perhaps best known as the “Chaplain of the Colbert Nation,” a recurring guest on the Comedy Central show “The Colbert Report,” which ended its run last year. Martin is editor at large of America Magazine, the national Catholic weekly with 45,000 subscribers. His articles and commentary have also run in publications including Commonweal, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine, as well as on CNN, NPR, and other broadcast media.

Quoting (occasionally dubiously) from the words of Jesus and others, Martin urged the graduates to live out their deepest desires, which he said are also “God’s desire for you.” Other good life lessons, he said, are to stop trying to get others’ approval or comparing yourself to others, which he said “leads to despair.”

After reminding the crowd to great applause that each one of them is a “beautiful creation of God,” and “being holy means being you,” he deadpanned “Remember this: God does not make crap….in the words of Jesus…more or less.”

He ended his speech “In the words of Jesus Christ, ‘Go Broncos!'”