Easter save in San Diego, abortion debate Monday at Sacramento-area community college

News from the Trenches


It was business as usual at FPA on Holy Saturday, with not one but two doctors taking innocent lives. Many of the women entering the mill were hostile and did not want to enter into conversation. The police were called again, but they said we were doing nothing illegal, which caused the guard to back off.

At one point two young men camped out, opened up their car trunk and began blasting loud music. However this did not stop the work the Lord called all of us to do. There were many prayer warriors and their hymns and prayers could be heard all the way to the mill.

One couple entered the mill very early. One of the counselors handed them both information and tried to convey the horrors of the doctor upstairs. The counselor told them tomorrow was Easter and they may never have another chance to have a child. They remained in the mill for about five minutes and then went back to their car and sat. The woman was crying and talking on the phone. They soon left. Please pray for this couple, which must be faced with many obstacles, that the Lord reveal His great love and mercy to them.

As the morning was coming to an end, one of the counselors talked to a young couple on their way upstairs. They took the information and slowly made their way to the mill. Another counselor saw hesitation and went over to them. The counselor could see that the young woman was distressed and she told the counselor that she did not want to go to a bad doctor. Her boyfriend, however, seemed more resolved that she needed to go in.

The counselor encouraged them to go to Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS), where they would get loving care. The counselor noticed the young woman was holding a Bible crossword puzzle book. She said that she was Christian, and that she knew this was wrong but they had no other choice. She said she was distressed. Her boyfriend told the counselor he already had another child, and he was without a job and he just could not afford another baby.

The counselor showed them what their baby might look like. It was at this point that the police arrived and the young men camping out were blasting their music. Many distractions were around them, but they stayed focused. The young woman began to bleed at the finger and the counselor called another counselor for help. Thankfully, this action caused them to walk away from FPA and the counselor told the woman that her bleeding was a sign.

The other counselor began to talk with her and encouraged them to go to COLFS. She called COLFS for them and arranged for them to go there. They hugged each other and got into their car and left. At COLFS they were able to see their prefect little baby. The baby was almost 13 weeks and was sucking its thumb!

The young mother burst into tears and both of them said their lives were changed today. They said their guardian angel was with them. The father said the morning was something like out of a movie, almost unreal. They were both so relieved and thankful to all counselors involved. This couple faces many challenges as both are without jobs. Please pray for this brave couple who looked to Our Lord today and turned from evil, on this the day before Easter.

— The Sidewalk Counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego


The following information comes to California Catholic Daily from Wynette Sills of 40 Days for Life, Sacramento

Please come to the very important Abortion “Civil Dialog” at Sierra College, Monday, April 16th!

Many of you attended the “Reproductive Justice” pro-abortion event at Sierra College recently. In response to the earlier, very one-sided, pro-abortion event, Sierra College is now sponsoring a more balanced exchange of ideas regarding abortion on Monday, April 16th, at 12:30 pm at the Dietrich Theater.

The public is invited. Please attend.

Pro-life speakers will include Dr. Van Wong, a former abortionist who will share his experiences; and Lisa, a spokeswoman for the Silent No More organization.