The following comes from an April 24 story by Valerie Schmalz in Catholic San Francisco.

(To see the April 6 Cal Catholic story on the Planned Parenthood clinic, click here.)

A South San Francisco pastor and his parishioners are rallying to block Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s plans to open a clinic on the city’s main thoroughfare, a block from All Souls Church and school.

“These people advocate abortions,” All Souls pastor Father Agnel José De Heredia said he told the parish about Planned Parenthood in a recent homily. Parishioners are gathering signatures before and after Mass and in the city to oppose zoning approval of the clinic.

“Our Catholic faith teaches us that life is sacred from conception to death. That no one has any right to terminate life,” Father De Heredia told Catholic San Francisco.
Father De Heredia said he plans to preach another homily the Sunday before the May 2 Planning Commission meeting to vote on the proposal. Parishioners testified against the parking plan, which was approved, and plan to testify at the May 2 meeting, said parishioner Rolando Delgadillo.
The 435 Grand Ave. clinic will not provide surgical abortion but will issue emergency contraceptives, contraceptives and provide sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, said Planned Parenthood Mar Monte spokeswoman Lupe Rodriguez. Planned Parenthood does not plan to offer chemical abortion, or RU-486, but it could be added without returning to the city for zoning approval, Rodriquez said. However, she said remodeling for surgical abortion would require obtaining city zoning approval again.

“We’re planning to provide primary care services for men and women. We’re hoping to provide pediatric care,” said Rodriquez.

Any minor 12 or older is eligible to receive reproductive health services, including abortion and contraception, without parental consent or knowledge under California law.

The building where the clinic would be housed is owned by John Penna, a former South San Francisco mayor.

Penna said opposition to the plan comes from an unjustified stigma that is attached to the Planned Parenthood name.

He said the clinic will be providing needed health care to undocumented and uninsured residents of the area as well as those with insurance.

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