The following comes from a Jan. 12 story in the Gay Star News.

A gay couple have been barred from tying the knot in the Mexican state of Baja California for a third time following a complaint the men are insane.

Hairstylists Victor Manuel Aguirre, 43, and Fernando Urias, 37 have been trying to get married since the Supreme Court ruled they could in June 2013.

However, when the couple arrived at Mexicali city hall Saturday (10 January), they found the doors shut and instead of registry officials, they were greeted by dozens of Catholic and evangelical Christian protesters, many wearing blue surgical masks reading ‘only a man and a woman.’

Among the opponents to their wedding was Angelica Guadalupe Gonzalez Sanchez, president of the Coalition of Baja California Families, who filed the complaint.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, she said the pair had been ‘aggressive and impertinent’ after she refused to certify their attendance at one of her mandatory pre-marital talks.

Two months ago, registry officials refused to marry the men due to ‘unresolved paperwork issues.’

Aguirre and Urias said they would continue to try and get married undeterred.

‘One day, their tricks will end, and we will never get tired of trying,’ said the latter.

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