Yesterday, August 2, 2018, Rich Espicha, CFO of Barnett Medical Services, made it known that he will no longer have his company pick up the aborted babies “medical waste” from nearly 20 Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

On Friday, July 27, members of the Survivors Summer Youth Camp captured on video, a Barnett worker picking up containers of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood in San Francisco. Survivors’ campers pled with the driver to please stop driving the truck that picks up and disposes the aborted babies, letting him know that PP can only abort babies if they have business collaborators making it possible.

Monday of this week, Survivors went to the offices of Barnett Medical Waste in Hayward California, and met with the CFO. In the meeting was Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries/Priests for Life, along with Terrisa Bukovinac of Pro Life San Francisco, and 19 year old pro life student with Survivors, Stephen Cyr. These pro-life representatives encouraged Mr. Espicca to please stop collaborating with Planned Parenthood by picking up the unborn babies.

While the three representatives met inside with Mr Espicha, outside approximately 35 young Survivors held signs and marched around the parking lot calling out chants to encourage BMS employees to please stop participating in the abortion industry. Two days later, Mr. Espicha contacted Survivors to ask for a meeting, and then let them know he has given notice to Planned Parenthood to no longer pick up their aborted babies.

Full story at Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust press release.