In response to the National Public Radio (NPR)’s recent airing of an abortion on live radio, a Catholic organization has called for pro-lifers to observe a day of prayer to honor the unborn child lost during the murderous procedure.  

Following the inspiration of Father Alan Bernander, O. Praem, the organization Priests for Life is calling on pro-lifers everywhere to gather together on December 3 to observe a day of prayer, fasting, and penance in honor and mourning of the death of a child whose abortion death was recorded and broadcasted on the radio by NPR. The now-deceased child was christened as Amanda Marie – which means “she who ought to be loved” – by the group of priests.

“We have to honor the baby that this abortion – and this broadcast – dishonored,” Priests for Life wrote in its letter to pro-lifers. “We have to bring to the light of day [to] what this broadcast deliberately hid in the shadows. We have to remember what this broadcast tried to make us forget. We have to re-humanize what this abortion and this broadcast de-humanized.” 

“And we have to make a big deal of what this broadcast trivialized,” they added.  

Priests for Life also issued an open letter which pro-lifers can sign, addressed to the mother of Amanda Marie, the abortionist who performed the murder, the NPR broadcasters involved, and all those who heard the broadcast, condemning the murder and calling for repentance.  

“We are with you, and God is with you,” Priests for Life wrote to Amanda Marie’s mother. “We are not here to condemn or punish you, but to express our love and care for you. We wish we could have helped you avoid abortion; and even now, we want to help you heal from its wound, as we have helped so many others.” 

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